How to Make a Festive Onesie

November 01, 2013

I woke up yesterday to my instagram and Facebook feeds showing all these cute babies with "my first halloween" onesies and realized that I didn't have one of those for Nora and had to act fast! (Not that I get sucked into these kinds of things or anything... ;)

She had a pale orange onesie that was a hand me down that could have passed for a halloween outfit on its own, but I decided to do a little crafty upgrade to it.

You need a plain onesie, felt pieces, iron transfer paper and a needle and thread. 
I cut my shapes from the felt and then traced and cut the same sized piece of the paper. 
Follow the instructions on the transfer paper to iron your felt onto the onesie. You could leave it like this as it will be fully adhered to the shirt, but I wanted to add a little detailing with the thread. 
Here is the finished product! It took me all of 10 minutes to do!

I realize that Halloween is already over, but the possibilities for this little project are endless! You could do one for every holiday, month by month photos, birthdays... or just for fun! Enjoy!


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