I'm Learning to Knit!

November 25, 2013

The colder weather has inspired me to start thinking about cozy sweaters and scarves and things and scouring the web looking at pretty hand knit items has been an obsession of mine this last week! I have decided that I want to learn to knit and Nana Tweedle is teaching me! She is an excellent knitter and we already had lesson one. It is going to take me a little while to work up to a full sweater but I am practicing in small doses. In the meantime, I'm drooling over all my favourite projects I have seen online!

There are SO many tutorials and patterns on the web that you almost don't even need a teacher. There are lots of places to self-teach and I have to admit I've been staying up a little too late every night watching how-to videos!

This pattern and project is from iknit- a youtube channel run by a girl who does great video tutorials
How adorable are these baby cardigans. When it comes to hand knit baby sweaters, the possibilities are endless! These ones are from a website called "Ravelry"- a site devoted to knitting and crochet patterns. 
Aside from clothing, there are all kinds of cute things like pillows, pin cushions and children's dolls and toys that can be knit. This looks like a fun beginners project from the blog called Bushcrafter.  
Many of you have seen Nora in her adorable chunky toque. I bought it from Pumpkin Creek Hats on Etsy. I would love to learn how to knit several of these in all colours for winter! And I could even knit matching ones for Nora and I! (In the meatime, we are so lucky that Tweedlebud Megan sent us a new one that she knit). 
Fair Isle Sweaters are my favourite! I have always loved them and Etsy is FULL of awesome vintage ones for sale. One day, I will knit myself a big, cozy fair isle sweater! This one is found in an Etsy shop called 86 Vintage.
THIS LOOKS SO COZY! I had never seen anything like this before! It's so stylish too! I bet you would have to use some GIANT knitting needles for this project from the Etsy shop Graphite Hand Knit. 
How cute are these mini sweaters for the Christmas tree! They are from the Etsy shop called Maravilla Knits
I'm loving this little girls knit dress! The collar is adorable! It's from Casita de Lana on Etsy. 
And lastly, what I am hoping to be my first project- a nice chunky infinity scarf! Wish me luck. This one is also iknits and she has an awesome video tutorial found here

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