Pita Pizzas

November 04, 2013

This is one of the easiest ways to make a pizza and it honestly tastes just as good as a real thin crust pizza. You can make them with whatever toppings you want- just like you would a regular pizza. I like to make them for an easy weeknight supper or for a quick lunch. It would be a great meal to have kids help with too!

Start by spreading a thin layer of tomato sauce all over the pita. Try to spread it as close to the edges as you can. Heat your oven to 400. 
I just pulled out everything that appealed to me for a pizza from my fridge. On this one I put pepperoni,  sundried tomatoes, banana peppers, parmesan and mozza. 
Sprinkle all your toppings on and bake for about 8-10 mins on a cookie sheet. Sometimes if the cheese isn't bubbly enough after 10 mins, I broil it to make sure it is all nice and crispy!
YUMMMM! Remember, the key to perfect pizza is waiting until the cheese cools a little bit before slicing. That way, you get the perfect piece without all the cheese slipping off or burning your mouth! Enjoy!


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