The Easiest Stir Fry Ever
(and a list of good recipe sources)

November 18, 2013

Easy Korean Beef BBQ recipe found HERE
I tried out a new recipe on the weekend and it turned out to be pretty delicious and SUPER easy too. It was just ground beef, fried up with a tasty sauce and served over rice. Looks good, doesn't it?

I have more than a dozen cook books, mostly because I am addicted to buying them, and I get my recipes either from those, or from food blogs. I have a bookmark folder overflowing with recipes I have yet to try and another folder full of my favourite go to recipes from the web. Once a year or so, I get ambitious and print out our favourites and organize them into my personal recipe binder. 

Here is a list of my favourite food blogs and recipe sources:

The Pioneer Woman- Most of you have probably heard of her as she has a show on the Food Netwrok now. She is also still blogging away and this continues to be my all time fave. I have made SO MANY of her recipes and they are all good. 

Tasty Kitchen- This is a website where anyone can share their recipes and each day they feature 5 of them on the homepage. I always scroll through the 5 features and see what appeals to me! If I am looking for a recipe that uses a certain ingredient, I will search it here before trying google. 

Six Sister's Stuff- This blog is literally run by six sisters who share all their down-home style recipes. There are lots of really easy quick weeknight recipes and they post new ones daily. 

Damn Delicious- My new fave! Check it out!

Food Gawker- This is compilation of recipes from around the web. It's sort of like Pinterest for just recipes- fun to look at! (Also check out Wedding Gawker or Craft Gawker if you want to waste a lot of time!)

Happy Cooking!


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