Tweedlebud Megan's Nursery Curtains

November 08, 2013

Georgia’s completed curtains!
Tweedlebud Megan again! After spending hours (yes- hours!) sitting in Georgia’s room in the middle of the night nursing, I decided that she needed new curtains! Now, for all you non-sewers out there- curtains take far more work than you'd think! It’s crazy, but to have them perfectly square and even is tricky. After I finished I thought I should have taken pictures along the way to write a post for Miss Tweedle....oops! Here it goes after the fact- I’ll do my best to work backwards!

I decided to make tab curtains as I like their look! I’ve made a few sets of curtains so far and have learned from my Mom how to make these tab. They're even and simple to do!

Before you even begin your project you need to measure your window for both width and length.  You’ll want each panel to be at least 3/4 of the width of your window. This way, when they are closed they will hang nicely. Often you’re constrained to width because of the fabric you choose. If you can’t find what you want in fabric wide enough think about either adding a panel strip to one side or making 4 panels instead of 2! I was lucky that this fabric was just wide enough to do the trick!

When measuring for length be sure to include enough for a substantial hem! You’ll want at good 4 inches as this extra fabric gives the curtains some weight on the bottom which helps them hang well! 

To make the tabs you need to consider a number of factors- how many tabs you’ll need, how wide to make them, and how long. 

I make mine about 2inches finished and spaced them about 4 inches or so apart. 

This is where the time factor comes into play with tab curtains-  figuring how just how many you need can be a royal pain. I’ve found this formula...(gasp, I know MATH!) to be helpful in determining how many you need.

Measure the width of your curtain and divide it by the width and spacing of your tabs. For example- 60 inches wide, 2 inch tabs, 4 inches between...60 divided by 6, you’ll need 10. Once you know how many you need, then you need to decide how long to make them. I made mine 5 inches long leaving about 1/2 an inch to work with in the seam. I cut off a piece from the bottom of the fabric to use to make these tabs. 

Be sure that you include this fabric in your calculations when determining how much to buy!

To make the tabs, take the amount you need in length and width (be sure to cut double the width you want finished plus a bit for the seam) off the bottom and sew with right sides together. Cut the strip into the length you need, and turn right side out. 

Ok, now you have the tabs all finished but how exactly do you attach them to the curtain top so they aren’t all showing and sticking out funny across the back?
Here’s the trick!!

Fold the top down with the right sides together. Insert the tabs inside the fold at your desired spacing. Be sure to start the first one right against the seam..I see I didn’t in my sample pic here! Oops!

Once you have them all in, simply sew across the top of the curtain being sure you catch each tab. Turn the tabs to the top...and presto, they are all in!!  

You’ll want to leave a bit bigger of a seam hem than I did in this pic. Just like the bottom hem, it’ll help with the weight and look of the curtain. About 4 inches overhang should be enough. You’ll then want to sew this piece down.

Hem the bottoms up, press and you’re done!!

I find for kids bedrooms you can get away with a cotton fabric as they have such great prints. For other places in your home you’ll want a heavier fabric, this also helps give it weight and hang nicely.

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