A Baby Footprint Ornament

December 06, 2013

I have a couple of "Baby's First Christmas" projects I am working on for Nora's first Christmas. We completed the first project this week with this little footprint for the xmas tree. I saw it on Pinterest a while ago and saved it, but when I went to the website, it was gone, so I was left to my own devices. It was pretty easy to figure out and I am happy with the results!

First of all, mix up a batch of salt dough (1/2c flour, 1/2c salt and 1/3c water) and roll it out on a piece of parchment. You don't have to use parchment, but I always use it when I'm rolling dough because then you don't make a mess with flour all over your counter!
Because the dough has to dry out completely in order to harden, you don't want it too thick or it will take forever to become hardened. I rolled mine to about a 1/4 inch thick. 
When you are ready, make your imprint with whatever you decide to do. I have seen hands, feet, paper doilies, toys!- you name it, someone on Pinterest has tried it and made something neat out of it! 
I did a couple of footprints to make sure we got a good one. I also wasn't sure how it would turn out after baking and painting and wanted to be able to keep the one I liked the best. 
Cut carefully around the imprint and transfer it onto a baking sheet. Don't forget to add a little hole somewhere if you are planning to hang it on your tree. Bake at 200 for 3 hours. 
After it was baked and dried, I painted the foot with pale pink paint (2 coats) and then podged it to make it nice and shiny and sealed. 

In the original photo of the one I saw, the lines and details in the footprint showed up a lot better than with mine. I think they must have used plaster of paris or something instead of salt dough. However, I think it turned out pretty good for a quick little keepsake!


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