Baby Tweedle- 17 Weeks Old

December 04, 2013

On Friday she will be 4 months old! Where did the time go?? Sometimes I really wonder what I did before Nora was here. Every day just flies by between naps and walks and playing, it is hard to do anything else!

We were spoiled this week when Mama and Heinz Tweedle took us on a trip to Spokane to do some shopping and spend American Thanksgiving there. We had a wonderful meal at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane where we stayed and then hit the shops for Black Friday. Mr. Tweeds and I got all our Christmas shopping done and the little monkey slept in her stroller all day! She sure is a good shopper already :)

Helping me pack!
Still smiling even on a long car trip!
On Saturday Nora and I had a girls day out with my 2 sisters and Mama Tweedle. We went hunting for Auntie Janine's wedding dress. She found a few possibles, but no winner yet. It was fun hanging out with my favourite ladies and doing girly things! Nora loved it too. 

Waiting for the bride

Wedding dress shopping day selfies!
Nora is interacting with us so much more these days. She just smiles and giggles all day long and is the happiest little girl. She is good at intentionally grabbing toys and things now instead of just clumsily fumbling around with them. She can look at a toy or an object and wrap her little fingers right around it with no problem. She has rolled over from her front to back twice now, but doesn't seem interested in trying to master it. 

Guys, I'm ready for the pool!

Nora was indifferent to her first time in the pool. She didn't have a reaction at all- no crying, no smiling- she just floated around!
She is still a champion sleeper- 11 or 12 hours a night- and rarely causes a fuss of any kind. Our naps have improved somewhat. She usually takes one longer nap a day and the rest are about 45 mins to an hour long. We put up our Christmas tree last night and someone can't take her eyes off the lights! I am so excited to spend the holiday season doing all kinds of festive things with my little elf, even if she doesn't know the difference! 



  1. Very adorable pictures of your little princess. I can see why your heart is excited. You have good taste for cute baby girl outfits.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for visiting Miss Tweedle! I tried to look at your site but the page could not be found!


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