Baby Tweedle- 18 Weeks Old

December 11, 2013

Nora is now 4 months old! The time between 3-4 months is a real "settling in" time in terms of the baby's behaviour and nursing and sleeping and all that stuff (at least for us it was!) As you know, Nora has pretty much been the dream baby, but there were also things that were hard to adjust to. At first, having a baby is so emotional and wrought with anxiety and you are tired and there's hormones and all these things happening. It takes a long time to settle into this new "routine" (although it is about as far from a routine as you can get!) and get to know your baby and figure out what they need. YOUR body is also going through major changes and healing and your boobs, oh the BOOBS! 

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I think I have this baby thing FINALLY nailed :)) Am I speaking too soon? I'm sure she will change up my little idea of "nailing it" pretty soon, but I finally feel confident enough to make a decision based on Nora's needs and my needs without having to consult a hundred books and websites and doctors first. I think I finally know my baby! And I think I finally know how to do a lot of things. For those of you that have not hit the 3-4 month mark, hang in there. It gets easier and the baby just gets cuter and smiles at you and does things and you get more sleep and you figure everything out. 

This is what she looks like when she plays most of the time now. She LOVES this Sophie the Giraffe toy. It really is the best chewy toy!
One of the things that was hard for me at first was nursing. It was overwhelming to think that Nora would be attached to me exclusively for a whole year and dependent on me to sustain her. I didn't have trouble with it physically. We were both lucky that she latched well right away and I had a good milk supply, etc. It was the emotional part of it that was scary as well as the fact that it really, really hurt for a WHILE. I kept reading that "if it hurt, you weren't doing it right because it wasn't supposed to hurt". But I was doing it right and the little sucker just sucked the life out of my nipples and it was crazy painful for about 2 months! 

When Nora was just over 2 months old, I had cracked nipples and mastitis and the pain was really something. I was counting down in my head how many more months of this I would have to endure. I didn't enjoy nursing. I was not holding the baby and staring down at her with every feed like they say nursing mothers do. I was clenching my jaw in pain and watching the clock to see how many more minutes it would be until this baby would be done and my boobs would get a break! This too passed. I enjoy it now. I get to cuddle my baby and I really don't feel a thing anymore. I can finally stare at her adoringly! And, she does the most adorable thing when she is eating now. She will unlatch for a second and look up at me for a minute and grin as wide as she can. It's like she just wants to check and make sure I am still there. As soon as she smiles, she turns her head back around and dives back onto the boob, jamming her face back in. It's hilarious!

So, here were are at 4 months- Nora is already 1/3 of the way through her first year! We were so lucky this weekend to have been invited by Tweedlebud Lainey on a little weekend getaway. Her parents in law run a mountain resort called Nipika. It is in the most picturesque spot with beautiful cabins to sleep in and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. We stayed in a big cabin with 3 other families- there were 15 of us- 8 adults, 5 kids and 2 babies! Being around all those other kids just made me really excited to have a 3 year old and then a 5 and 6 year old and a 10 year old. I enjoyed it so much and the adults had fun after the kids were in bed too!

Hanging out in the cabin at Nipika (that's the toque I knit for her! I finished my first project!)
Red cheeks that lingered for 2 days after braving the -33 weather to watch the kids toboggan

We are on the Christmas countdown! 2 weeks from today! We can't wait!

Here is Christmas outfit number one. Stay tuned for about 293402 more! 



  1. Don't know how I found your blog, but love it! Love your honesty you make me laugh. The boobs, yes I know this pain all to well! Doing it wrong? no way, it always was like toe curling screaming pain for the first 2 months, and I nursed 7. My last was born 7/26 so I love your baby updates although am jealous of the sleeping through the night thing! I hope you keep posting I like your sewing/recipes/crafts/humor!

    1. Hi Martha, Thanks for reading Miss Tweedle! You must be superwoman to have had 7 kids and nursed them all! I'm glad I'm not alone in the pain of breastfeeding! Talk to you soon!


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