Baby Tweedle- 19 Weeks Old

December 18, 2013

Well, that will teach me for bragging about "nailing it". Why didn't someone tell me not to speak too soon?! This week we were faced with a little of this "4 month sleep regression" thing that I keep hearing about (and blocking totally out of my mind!) Of course, it sent me back to reading a 100 books and websites and frantically texting friends to find out what their tips are!

It really hasn't been that bad compared to some cases I know about. Nora is waking up a little in the night here and there to eat, but from what I have read, it will work itself out and things will go back to normal in a couple of weeks. Apparently, babies' brains at this age are in overdrive with learning and stimulation which makes them both hungry and a little restless.

And, I can totally see evidence of this brain activity in my little kicker. She is becoming more and animated and less and less willing to just lay on the floor and kick. She likes to be up and looking around all the time. Her new favourite is the jolly jumper and she has finally got the hang of it, squealing and jumping and kicking and spinning away. It's pretty freaking cute! We have an exersaucer which we haven't tried yet, but I'm sure we will get a similar reaction from it when we do.

Baby Tweedle is taking after Miss Tweedle herself- I turned my head and she got into my knitting! 
This postpartum hair loss thing is really cramping my style these days too. Holy man, when they say hair loss, they mean hair loss. And it doesn't help that I have long hair. My hair is EVERYWHERE. Everywhere! Mr. Tweeds was changing Nora's diaper the other day and yelled to me that there was even one in her bum crack!!! Every time I wash my hair, about a million chunks of hair go down the drain and then I comb it and brush it and a million more clumps fall out! I feel like I have a receding hairline as I now have two triangles of baldness getting larger and larger off the sides of my forehead! NO!!!!!!! And, something else weird- I have a small patch of curly/wavy hair on the very top/back of my head! My hair has always been poker straight and now there's a wavy patch? WTF?

However, these are minor details in the grand scheme of things because Nora doesn't care about my balding or weird wavy patches. She loves her mama and has started doing the most adorable thing EVER. Just in the last week she has started giving "hugs". At least that's what I'm calling it. She will put her head down on my shoulder and rest it there for a second and I say "Ohhhh, nice hugs!" and she lifts her head up and smiles and then puts it down again and I say it again and she repeats it. I swear she knows!!

You better believe the Christmas outfits are in full swing over here! We are loving the green and red and of course rocking those sparkly boots with every outfit!

She is pretty much the smartest baby in the world! 


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