Christmas Outfits for Baby

December 23, 2013

I have always been a Christmas person and at times fall into the advertising traps of needing this decoration and that one! However, I try to refrain from buying useless junk and get creative with what I have on hand, or make something. I think it is fun to get into the Christmas spirit and try to wear red and green and sparkly things throughout December and being a teacher, I can get away with wearing such festive outfits to work. The kids love it! I'm starting Nora early and doing the same thing with her and clearly, she loves it too- that girl can't wipe the grin off her face if she tried, especially when she is wearing Christmasy things!

I only bought a couple of Christmas things for Nora to wear and the things that I bought were super on sale. It is not practical to spend much money on her clothing when she wears some things about 3-5 times and then grows out of it! As you know, those sparkly red boots have been high in the rotation which I got at Michaels for $5. I also bought a "My First Christmas" onesie on sale at Macy's for Black Friday ($6) and a Christmas dress, also from Macy's on sale for $15 (down from $40). My one splurge Christmas item was the Santa baseball tee (Tom and I also have matching ones!) for $15 on Etsy. I thought it was so fun that we could all match and I figured that if we happened to have a boy down the road, they could wear it too.

I made her festive headbands with felt and patterned elastic which, as any fashionista would say, it's all about the accessorizing! Those little babies make or break the outfit!

The rest of the clothes I have been dressing my little Christmas doll in are ones that she already owns and wears all the time- green or mint coloured tops, red and black leggings, jeans and a few other pieces in either red or green.

The sweaters are both handmade and I LOVE them.
She has yet to wear this one! Good thing December isn't over yet!

I saved the best for last! Stay tuned for a picture post-Christmas of her in her Christmas dinner outfit!
Have fun dressing your little ones in Christmas attire of all kinds! Remember, just be creative with what you already have- red, green, black, white, gold and silver!


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