House Embroidery- A Handmade Christmas Gift

December 30, 2013

Sorry! I took a brief hiatus from the blog to celebrate Christmas! I'm back and today I am showing off  these handmade gifts I made for Mama Tweedle and Mama Tweedle-in-Law.

I quite enjoy embroidery and I have a long list of ideas in my head of things that I would like to do, but can't think of a reason to actually sit down and do them. I just wouldn't have a place to put them all! It was fun to have a reason to make something for someone that I knew they would like.

I did a picture of each of their houses! On the left is the Tweedle-in-Law's house and on the right is Mama and Heinz Tweedle's place. Both look pretty much just like the real thing! Both houses have flowers in front and the Tweedle-in-Law's have a big sunflower patch on the right side of their yard.

In order to do this, I took photos of both houses and then sketched a simple version of the house on a plain piece of paper. I cut out the basic shapes needed and used them as a pattern- pinned them to felt pieces and cut the felt out too. After I had it all laid out, I used iron transfer paper to lightly glue the felt to my backing fabric and then embroidered around all edges. I added the windows and other embellishments afterwards with more felt and thread. 

I did the same thing for the flowers, cutting circles in different sizes and some leaf shapes and then used different types of stitches to attach them and add detail. 

This was a really fun, easy and personal project to do and it didn't take me very long either! 


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