Nora's Stocking- An Easy Sewing Project

December 16, 2013

I actually made three stockings!- one for each of us as both Tom and I still have our childhood stockings at our parents houses and we don't have any at our house. I have never spent a Christmas away from home yet and I am lucky that "Santa" still fills my stocking at home every year. However, now that we have Nora, I am anticipating that we may want to spend a few Christmas mornings at home at our own house in the near future and start doing some of our own traditions, so I decided that since I was making a stocking for her, I better make some for us too!

I found a great, easy tutorial that I used from the blog called FabricWorm. I even had a little helper who took care of my fabric scraps while I was working!

I printed the pattern from FabricWorm also. 
I bought the plaid taffeta for Nora's stocking and dug through my fabrics for the other two. Mama Tweedle cleaned out her fabric supply a while ago and I stashed away the Christmas fabric from the other stockings. I used a piece of red and gold cotton for the lining. 

I used iron transfer paper to stick the names on, which I just cut free hand out of felt. I had planned to stitch around the names with embroidery thread, but realized after I put them on that I should have done that before sewing the cuff. If I were to do it now, I would have to embroider through 3 layers of fabric. Oops!

I told Tom now that we have stockings, we need a house with a chimney and a mantle to hang them on... Oh, the decorating I could do if I had a mantle!
This is an excellent beginner sewing project which would be fun to do with kids too. The possibilities for the cuff-stocking combination are endless! You could have new themed stockings every year! :)


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