Baby Tweedle- 24 Weeks Old

January 22, 2014

Let me be clear that Nora is NOT yet sitting up on her own. It took great pains in order to get this photo of her! I propped her up about a billion times and just when I was about to take the photo, she would flop over to the side! I finally got this one, which I have to admit is pretty cute, but it in no way represents what she can do! Some days, however, she is much better at "tripoding" than others. This was not one of those days! 
Face dive number 800 happened about 1 millisecond after this photo took place. Notice the boppy pillow in the background? Yeah, should have been using that.... 
Three funny things to note this week are 1. FOOD! and 2. JOLLY JUMPER! and 3. SCREAMING, TALKING BABY!

As per the food philosophy "Baby Led Weaning", we have started to let Nora nibble and gum away at a couple of things. She LOVES it. Mama Tweedle says: "I just know she is going to love food like the rest of us!" Ha ha! And, I think she is right. So far she has tried banana, avocado, chicken breast, apple, celery and cucumber. I don't think she has swallowed any of it yet, but so far, she sure likes chewing on it and playing with it. I like watching her little face when she realizes that something has a flavour. It seemed like she quite liked chicken- she sucked on it like crazy and even swished it around in her mouth and "chewed" a bit. She also really favours cucumber and you are sorry if you're going to get that cucumber spear out of her hand once she has a hold on it! I am pretty laid back about her eating so far and not concerned about her filling up on anything. I will prepare a list of pros and cons to Baby Led Weaning as I figure them out!

The second thing worth noting this week, more than ever, is this silly little monkey in her jolly jumper. My god, she loves this thing. We can't get enough either. I seriously laugh hysterically whenever I think of her and how cute she looks when she is in her zone. She has some pretty awesome tricks such as- one footed jumps, 3 quick jumps, "bum drops" in which she suspends herself in the air for a minute and all of these things are done with high pitched screaming and giggling. It is too cute. We have several videos of her jumping, but as you can see above it is very hard to get a photo of her as she doesn't stop moving! In this particular picture she was modelling a new hat and booties that my Auntie bought her. The video I took on  this night was promptly sent out to the ENTIRE WORLD because it was just too much for me to handle on my own!

And the third thing of note this week is Nora's voice. Girlfriend has a singing voice whether she knows it or not! When she is playing, she is making sounds, more so in the last couple of days than ever. She has also started using (wait for it... here comes the teacher in me talking....) consonants! Before it was always ahhhhhhh or eeeeeeee and now she consistently says Mmmmmmmm and gggggggggggg. When she says Mmmmmmmaaaa Mammmmmaaammm I am convinced she is saying Mama, obviously. But I also play this game with her and I say, "what sound does 'M' make?" and she goes Mmmmmmm... Isn't she SMART?! She has also been experimenting with different volumes and high and low pitches. I can tell she is just trying out all different sounds as it is crazy what she comes up with sometimes. 

But, at the end of the day, she is still my cuddly, sleepy little baby- ONLY 5 months old. (I have started to say "only" instead of "already" to try and slow down the time that is flying by!)


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