Baby Tweedle- 25 Weeks Old

January 29, 2014

Sitting is becoming easier and easier every day. The more I sit her up and let her wobble and balance on her own, the better she gets. Look Ma, no pillow!
We are almost at the 6 month mark! Only a week until my baby will have her 1/2 birthday! She is at such a fun stage, I can't stop thinking about what she will be doing next and at the same time that date when I have to go back to work keeps looming closer and closer. I have so much fun with Nora every day that I just can't imagine a whole day without her. The longest we have been apart is only a few hours, mostly due to her nursing schedule but also due to the fact that I simply don't want to leave her for more than that. It is nice to have a little break here and there and be able to get out and do some errands, or go to my class at the gym, but by the time it is done, I am ready to see Nora again. 
She has started making strange a little bit at certain times. Sometimes someone will just strike her as scary or something and she bursts into a full on scream cry for a minute or two. Usually she calms right down if I hold her, but I am trying to practice not swooping in at every minute because I want to give other people a chance to try and calm her too, especially Tom. I think she recognizes Nana Tweedle now as we see her 3-4 times a day for short visits. Nana is still trying to teach her how to wave and we are both waiting for the day when she finally surprises us and does it!
We are still having fun feeding Nora. She LOVES food! When something is in front of her, she does not let it out of her hand or away from her mouth until it is too small or crumbled up for her to hold. She is always interested in eating and I love watching her face while she tastes and experiments with textures. She has had a lot of foods already and seems to like them all. She has already gotten the hand of swallowing and her diaper reflects that she is definitely consuming! When I opened it up on the weekend, I shrieked and said excitedly "Tom! There's chunks! Wanna see?!" With a disgusted look on his face, he replied, "no thanks". Haha! I guess not everyone gets as excited about this as I do!
Nora still does not have any teeth yet, but in the last few days it seems like she is more uncomfortable and chewing and gnawing on things more so than she has been. She likes cold wet wash cloths the best and will also chew on her socks (pulling them off is her fave activity!) for what seems like a long time. She likes to chew on soft stuffies and blankies more than hard toys, but ANYTHING really will do. She even chews on my chin if there is nothing in her hands to chew! 
It amazes me how much Nora will imitate what she sees. For that reason I am trying really hard not to use my phone to idly look on Facebook or Instagram or check emails or texts when she is awake. I set it as my New Year's resolution and it is A LOT harder than I thought it would be. I don't want her to get the idea that my phone is more important than she is and that she has to wait for me to look at Facebook. I also don't want her to think that playing on the phone/screen/technology in general is the thing we should be spending all our time on. When I am at home all day, sometimes I get bored when we are just sitting together and she is playing, so it is very tempting to text people or play on apps and I am trying hard to leave the phone in the bedroom while Nora is awake. It's really not as easy as I thought it was going to be especially since I use the camera on my phone as my main camera and of course I have that handy at every minute!

Nora is so good with her hands. She is an expert at picking up even the most awkward of toys and will pass things back and forth between each hand. She will stop chewing something and look at it for a while and then continue. I can almost see her brain absorbing information as it happens! She also loves singing and music and whenever she is the least bit fussy, I can sing to her and she will calm right down. She loves it when I clap my hands or do actions to songs and we both almost fall asleep when I sing "Twinkle Twinkle". I like taking her hands or feet in mine and doing the actions with them too. She looks so cute watching me! 
My little glamour model in all her 8 million outfits loves the mirror too. Although, I am pretty sure it's because there is a cute little face looking at her and she's not quite admiring her outfits yet! She smiles from ear to ear and even squeals in delight when we go to the mirror. I am not sure if she has figured it all out yet. 
We will be savouring the last week of "5 months old"- see ya at 6 months!

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