Baby Tweedle- Weeks 22 and 23

January 15, 2014

Prepare for the mother of all photo dumps! We are back from our little holiday in Palm Springs and settling back into sub zero temps and Mexican food and nightly beer/wine withdrawal and suffering the after effects of a little retail therapy!

Nora was a champion traveler and didn't have any trouble on the plane at all. I was warned that babies feel a little discomfort during take off and landing, so I nursed her and both times she fell asleep! I guess this girl was meant to fly! I was so proud that other people on the plane actually stopped me and commented on what a good baby she was during the flights. She just sat on my lap and played with her toys and looked out the window. When she started to get a little restless I would just feed her a bit and she calmed right down. This may be TMI, but both flights she decided to fill her diaper 3 times each! We wondered if it had something to do with the pressure?! That was a little annoying because changing a diaper in an airplane bathroom is not the easiest thing in the world!

At her first sporting event- a Polo match!
Visting the Salton Sea just South of Palm Springs. We also went to Slab City, CA. 
Mr. Tweeds, Nora and I had such a nice time hanging out with our friends Owen, Mel and Caiden in Palm Springs. We went there primarily to see them as they were there spending their Christmas vacation all the way from Singapore, where they are living and teaching. Owen and I have been friends for a long time and I was so happy to have met his son Caiden. He and Nora obviously hit it off and are of course baby besties! Nora can't wait until they come home in the summer so she can see her friend Caiden again. Melissa and I had fun posing the babies in all sorts of funny places and positions for photo opps! The funny thing was that in actuality, the babies didn't really give two hoots about each other. They are totally in their own little worlds.

Nora went on her first hike in Joshua Tree National Park. This was also the first time I put her in the carrier facing forwards. She LOVED it. She actually squealed a giggled the whole time. Her little feet were kicking like mad. 

Nora turned 5 whole months old while we were away. We celebrated her 5 month birthday with some outlet mall shopping and a little pool time. We even dunked her head under water for the first time! She was splashing and playing in the water like crazy and the water was being thrown up over her head and she didn't seem to care, so we decided to try dunking her. Caiden taught her how! He's already been dunked several times. She went under and came up spitting and gasping for air but she didn't cry.

At 5 months Nora is still only rolling over one way- from her tummy to her back. She will arch her back and almost flip the other way, but hasn't done it yet. She can sit up unassisted for about 20 seconds and then she likes to throw herself backwards. She has also flopped forwards onto her face and rolled over clumsily. It's pretty funny! She is still our little smiler and the spontaneous giggles still send us all into a fit of laughs when they happen. Nora LOVES jumping. She is obsessed with the jolly jumper and when she sees it and realizes that I am going to put her in it, her legs start going and she tries to jump before she is in there. She will jump and twirl and squeal until I take her out. She NEVER gets tired! When I hold her on my lap, she just wants to go, go, go and if she is standing up, she will jump on my lap until my arms can't take it anymore.

Nora's sleeping is finally coming back around. Remember that 4 month sleep regression thing that I swore she was going to skip? Well, it lasted about 2.5 weeks and she was getting up, sometimes 4 times a night! I was super tired, to put it lightly. Just before we left on our trip she went back to sleeping right through the night and then we took away her routine by making her sleep in different places and she went nutzo again! The first 2 nights we were gone where the WORST! She wouldn't let me put her down in the play pen and eventually after feeding her for what seemed like ALL NIGHT LONG, I let her sleep in our bed with my boob in her mouth and she fell asleep. However, I didn't. Thankfully, she settled into a routine there, but still woke up about 3 times a night. We started calling her "little slammer" because, apparently we can't hear it at home, but she lifts her feet way in the air and slams her heels down on her bed while she sleeps, or when she is stirring at night! It was pretty funny.

EVERYTHING goes in her mouth! I was reading to her and she grabbed the book right out of my hands and shoved it into her mouth mid sentence! Still no teeth yet!
Other nicknames we have for her are little stinker, little monkey, little blue eyes, little precious, kicker, gorgeous, love bug, hungry hippo and Nana Tweedle calls her little puddin'. She is the light of my life and she makes me so happy.

We are starting to think about feeding her solids and I have been reading about baby led weaning. Do any of you mamas out there have any experience with this? If so, I would love to hear about it. I am getting excited to see what she does when she tastes food for the first time! I have a feeling it's going to be hilarious!


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