Hand Knit Toques

January 06, 2014

As you know from this post, my latest obsession has been with knitting. I haven't ventured beyond the toque yet, but if I do say so myself, I've knit a few pretty great ones, especially for a beginning knitter.
Here are all my creations which I knit as Chrsitmas gifts. Some of them are adult hats and some are baby ones. 

I didn't use a pattern for any of them, but used bit and pieces and tips from various knitting blogs I read. All of them were knit in the round with chunky yarn (number 5 or 6) and I just experimented and figured out how many stitches to cast on to begin the hats for each size and went from there. I had a lot of fun with trying out different stripes and stitch combos in order to make them all. 

Pretty snazzy, eh? Stay tuned for more of my knitting projects in 2014. Baby sweaters are next!


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