Handmade Quiet Books

January 24, 2014

My Auntie Wendy made me one of these Quiet Books when I was a kid and I always loved playing with it. I can remember looking through it all the time and memorizing every page. Although I loved it, I don't think I really realized how much work actually went into it. She says she still has the pattern for it- maybe I will put it on my list for Nora. If I start now, I might have it finished by the time she is 3!

A Quiet Book or Busy Book is a "book" made of fabric and felt in which each page has a little activity for the reader to do like buttoning a button, doing up a zipper, matching things with velrco, tying bows, etc. It is fun for the kids and great practice for doing all of these kinds of things. It's also nice for the parents to have a place for them to practice.

A beautiful Busy Book from the blog Homemade Lovely. She used a Simplicity pattern, but shows all her pages here
Also found at Handmade Lovely
This one is quite simple- just a cover that opens into a doll house. 
Here is a page from the blog Mouse House. She also shows more of her pages here. 
Jean from the blog Bubbles and Bobbins made a food themed quiet book. 
Lastly, Homemade by Jill is a blog I have been reading for a while now and Jill amazes me with the beautiful things she sews for her kids. I love the idea of the name attached with buttons, AND the New York page! She is so creative. See the whole book here. 
Did you ever have a quiet book? If so, I would love to feature some "vintage" ones. (I'm going to find mine ASAP too!) Send me an email at katie@misstweedle.com or leave a comment on this post to tell me all about your books!

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  1. Love it! What an awesome keepsake too!


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