I Love The Hudson's Bay Company

January 13, 2014

I am a big fan of all things Canadian and a sucker for Canadian souvenirs, gifts, ornaments, doo dads, vintage items, etc. There is nothing more Canadian than the Hudson's Bay Company and I long to own of all their signature HBC items!

The original Hudoson's Bay Company item they had for sale was the HBC blanket which was traded for furs during the fur trading days in early Canada. There are a number of different styles and colours of blankets, but the classic white with stripes is my favourite. Mama Tweedle gave me one as a graduation gift when I finished university. I can't wait to have a guest room in my house one day that I can decorate with HBC memorabilia and use my blanket on the bed. If you are a thrifter, these blankets can often be found for a steal of a deal and some of them may be worth some money. Another idea I have had is to collect worn HBC blankets and make a quilt out of them. 
Every year I look at these stockings and think about buying them for my Christmas decor. I love them! One day when I have a bigger house....
As well as cute toques like this, there are mittens, gloves and sweaters with the HBC colours on them. 
Mama Tweedle got this candle for Christmas and it looks so nice burning on her mantle. 
Mama Tweedle's friend Harold Tichenor wrote this book about the HBC blankets and it has become quite popular. You can buy it in all HBC stores.  
You may recall seeing Nora in her HBC sleeper. Mr. Tweedle bough this for her in Banff and we both swoon over her in this outfit. It barely fits her now... good thing there is a navy blue one that we could get in the next size up! There are a number of other baby sweaters and clothing too!

This nutcracker seriously cracks me up! A voyaguer nutcracker?! Love it. 
Last year we bough these ornaments for stocking stuffers. There is a moose, mountie and a bear as well as this beaver.  
Mama Tweedle found this coat at our local thrift store and it was a major score. It is in mint condition and a collector's item. 
If you are hunting for HBC clothing or blankets, always look for this patch of authenticity. HBC items have become quite trendy and I have started to see knock offs in some American stores recently. 
You can take a look at the whole HBC collection here. The HBC also sells the official Team Canada Olympic gear, another favourite of mine, take a look at it here. 

Happy hunting for your HBC items! 


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