My Favourite Posts of 2013

January 03, 2014

Kate and I are one in the same! Remember the big announcement of Baby Tweedle?

Mama Tweedle and I looked through all my baby clothes! I need to do that again and get Baby Tweeds wearing some of those!

Throw Pillows for the nursery! And a how-to on making the covers.

The Baby Burp Cloths tutorial. 

A review of all the pregnancy and baby books I read. (Looking back, it is crazy how clueless I was only a year ago!)

Tweedlebud Megan's Top 10 Must Have's for Baby. I STILL refer to this list. This has to be one of my most informative posts to date!

Me at 39 Weeks and the ROYAL BABY's birthday!

Baby Tweedle's Nursery Reveal.

Nora June Niddrie arrived on August 6th. Pictures of her homecoming.

Nora's Christmas Outfits. Can you tell I am more than a little obsessed with dressing her?

What a year! Thanks for reading! 


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