Tweedlebud Lainey's "Build Your Own Fort" Kit

January 10, 2014

The kids and I were at a friend's house during the summer and the kids played all day in a fort. Before we left, my friend showed me just what exactly the kids had been playing with. Her sister and brother and law had built their son a 'fort kit.' I thought it was a great idea and built two for my family members this year.

The concept is relatively simple and you can find lots of different ideas on Pinterest, personal blogs, and craft sites. Some websites went (what I thought was) way over the top matching sheet colours and designs, flashlights with tools, and making instructions and labels. I tried to keep it simple and straight forward. I did most of my material shopping at the local thrift store. I shopped for the tools at the local hardware store. I did test the clamps to make sure that they were easy enough for wee fingers to use.

To make the gift a little more personal I labeled the fort kit bag (a simple pillow case) with iron-on letters that I found at Walmart. 

I made bags out of an extra sheet that I had purchased for the TOOLS. Tools for the fort included small clamps, bungy cords, suctions cups with hooks (for windows), a flashlight, some bigger (wee finger friendly) clamps, and nylon rope (not pictured). 

For fort walls/ceiling I included a single sheet and a queen sheet. One great idea that I saw on one of the websites that I checked out was sewing hooks using ribbons for better attachments points. I sewed 6 ribbons on to the single sheet. 

Lastly, I made draw strings on the outside of the bags (pillow case) to tie everything together. 

The gifts were a huge success and I think the next time I make them I'll also add dads' names to the bags because they've been playing with the forts as much as the kids.

Happy fort building, Tweedlefans!


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