Baby Book Ideas: Keeping up with the milestones

February 28, 2014

It is a huge job keeping up with all the photos of Nora. As you know from the blog, I take a TON of photos of her, which is what every parent does, I'm sure. With every photo there is a story that I could tell too. So how does one keep up with all the photos, firsts, milestones and stories, anyway?!

Right now, as Nora is my first baby, I have time to create elaborate baby books and photo albums as well as write weekly updates for the blog about her. I can see how youngest children always complain about not having any of these things. It takes a LOT of time. Time that one may not have after having 2 or 3 or even 4 kids!

All I can do, is enjoy doing this for Nora and hope that I can find time to do as thorough a job for any other children I may have later. Sometimes the blog feels like a bit of a chore each week, but looking back I am so glad I have done it. It's like a weekly journal that I am forced to write and include photos! I intend to keep writing the blog for as long as I have the drive for it which may carry into more babies down the road!

We have a baby book for Nora that we bought at Chapter's before she was born. I looked high and low for different options and only found the one, in several fancy gift shops, book stores and online. However, it is just as good as anything- a fill in the blank type scrapbook with pages devoted to all Nora's firsts, a page for each month to write down her accomplishments, details about her birth, news headlines on the day she was born, etc. I have had fun filing it out and I find it is a good way to remember to write everything down. Whenever we return from the doctor, I make sure to record her weight and height in the chart provided. I also get it out whenever she does something new, like smiling, laughing, waving, sitting, eating, etc and write down how old she was. I record her sleep habits too. I think this will all be helpful look at if I have another baby so that I can remember each stage and how babies act at certain ages. I am forever asking friends about what their baby did at Nora's age and it's amazing how many people can't remember a thing!

I also wanted a way to print and keep all my blog posts about Nora as well as the hundreds of photos I have taken of her. The baby book is a nice place to keep all the details that don't really have a photo to attach to- information about Nora. But it is always nice to look through a good old fashioned scrapbook. I searched the web for ideas on how to keep my blog posts and found that the book making company called Blurb has a program that automatically uploads blogs into books. You simply download their program onto your computer and sign into your blog through the program. All the posts come up and you choose which ones you want to include. Once they are in the program, you can arrange the photos and choose fonts, size the photos, edit the text, etc. What a job!! I decided to include not only the blogs, but all my personal journals I wrote for Nora before she was born, the professional newborn photos we had done, and many other keepsakes and photos that did not make it onto the blog. The nice thing about Blurb is that your book can be up to 300 pages! Most other companies don't allow that many- usually 50-100. I have had a lot of fun going through photos, re-reading my blogs and organizing it all! I have just FINALLY caught up to date, so now each week I will just have one page to add until she is a year old, when I will have it printed.

This is a screen shot of my book progress. Here is one of the pages about my pregnancy. I decided not to include every weekly pregnancy post in the book, but I did summarize and add all the photos in a collage. 
I have used a number of different layouts to make my photos and text fit. Here is what one of the weekly post pages looks like. 
I also included some special pages throughout for things like first holidays, a page all about food, a page all about the jolly jumper, etc. 
And there is a page for each month with a list of what Nora can do at that age. Some of it is carried over from the baby book, but there is some extra info that I couldn't fit into the baby book here too. 
Just for fun,  I have also included the following photos of my own baby book. Mama Tweedle did a very nice job of my book. It is FULL of lovely anecdotes, photos and all my milestones recorded practically to the minute. I also have several photo albums full of beautiful baby pictures. My dad worked as a photographer then and went a little camera happy! One of my favourite albums is a whole album from my first week which are all 8x10 black and white photos that my dad took and developed himself in a dark room (an ancient art now!)

Like mother like daughter- downing a glass of wine shortly after giving birth! :)


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