Baby Tweedle- 27 Weeks Old

February 12, 2014

Nora is 6 months old! I was a little emotional last Thursday on her 6 month birthday. There are so many more changes coming in the next 6 months. It is crazy to think that I will have a walking, talking toddler by summertime! 

I had a bit of cabin fever in the last 10 days as it has been bitterly cold here (-27 and colder!) which makes it hard to get outside and do anything with Nora. She does not enjoy being bundled and constrained in every article of clothing she owns, nor does she understand why I am torturing her in such a way! So, we stayed home all week aside from a few minor outings to the post office, etc. By the end of the week I realized I had done far too much thinking about Nora's eating habits, sleeping habits, teeth and the fact that she is growing way too fast that I think I went a little crazy! 

I decided something had to be done about my new mother anxiety. I tell ya, babies, they get to a girl. So, Mr. Tweeds and I went on a dinner date one night, I didn't pick up a single parenting book and I told myself repeatedly that no matter what I do, if I love Nora she will turn out fine and there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to deciding what is best. I feel better now. It warmed up and we went for a nice long walk in the sunshine today, and of course, the smiling baby always helps too. 

Nora had the flu (we think?!) for the first time on the weekend. It was really strange because it only lasted about 3-4 hours. She got up from her afternoon nap at about 4pm and started throwing up so much that she was heaving and coughing. I felt so bad for her. That happened on and off for about an hour and so I called the nurses hotline that we have access to in BC. They gave us some tips on dealing with it all and said not to bother going to emergency unless she was showing signs of dehydration. So we rode it out and within a couple of hours, she had slept, was eating fine, played with toys and went off to bed, slept through the night and was all better by morning. There was a point where she was limp and pale and lethargic that did scare me a little, but I'm glad it didn't last long and things are all back to normal. 

CHEW CHEW CHEW! She loves wet cloths!!
Other exciting news is that Nora has 2 teeth!! They just broke through the skin a couple of days ago and they are here to stay! I could see them coming for about 2 weeks now- 2 little white bumps just below the gums on the bottom and then one afternoon, I looked and there they were! She is going to look so different with teeth! It makes me kind of sad, because there was just something all along that I loved about that gummy grin :)

Nora has also FINALLY learned to wave! It is the cutest thing EVER! She flap her arm jerkily and twists her wrist like the queen's wave. She even waves at herself in the mirror! She totally gets that when you see someone new, or say goodbye you are supposed to make that movement. I just love watching her learn new things. We have a sippy cup of water for her too and she used to pick it up and try to suck on any part of it- the handle, bottom, etc. And now, she picks it up, studies it, turns it all around in her hands until she finds the spout and then puts her lips carefully to it and starts sucking. In a matter of days, she figured it out! 

There was a video someone shared on Facebook about motherhood that summed up how I am feeling 6 months in. My favourite quote from the video was "I realized I would spend my life doing things to make you happy, and that would make me happy too." 

Now, excuse me, I need to get back to the Olympics. Go Canada Go!


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