Baby Tweedle- 29 Weeks Old

February 26, 2014

When I was choosing the photos to add to this week's post, I could have chosen about 30! There are so many cute little expressions and faces these days, it's killing me! Every day Nora shows off that little personality more and more. 

She is waving like crazy now, at everything- herself in the mirror, she waves at me when I come to get her out of her crib, at dogs that run past her on the street, everything! She has also been giggling a lot too. She likes to play peek a boo with herself- she does this funny thing where she puts a toy or a blankie over her face when she is laying down and leaves it there for a minute with her hands out to the sides and then whips it off quickly and looks around with a smile. When I do peek a boo with her, she laughs out loud! After she gets up in the morning or from a nap and I go to the blinds to open them, she looks up at what I am doing and then realizes the room is about to get really bright and buries her face in my shoulder and then slowly looks up as if she is adjusting her eyes to the light. When she is playing with a toy she will pick something up, look at it, suck on it and then put it down and then reach for it again. Every time she puts it down, she places it a little further away from her and then reaches further each time. It is as if she is practicing to get things that are out of reach! She is so smart! 

We are working on more tummy time each day. She is still not keen on it, but also doesn't roll over or try to get on all fours EVER. 

Her eating is still going well. We are feeding her a combination of finger foods and purees- usually a little of both at each meal and we have yet to come across something she doesn't shove in her mouth and down in about 2 seconds. She loves food! I hope it lasts! She has also mastered the sippy cup of water. 

I have started to feel like winter is wearing on me a little bit. We are faced this week with another cold snap, which makes it really hard to get outside at all. Nora is less enthused about being bundled in the snowsuit these days and I feel bad shoving her in that thing more than once a day. For my sanity, I still go out for at least one walk a day, but I would like to be outside more than that. One can only play patty cake so many times! Sometimes I feel like I have used up all my resources- jolly jumper, toy box, sippy cup, mirror, Raffi CD, bedroom rug, living room play mat... now WHAT?! I don't have the TV on at all during the day (aside from the Olympics) and like I said before, I am trying no to use my phone in front of her either. Especially since she is awake a lot more during the day than she is asleep, I long for a nice hot day to play on the grass or try out the swing at the park, or even just walk down to the end of the street and back without making it a huge production. 

This was Nora during the Canada vs. USA women's gold medal hockey game. I was a little preoccupied with the TV! 
However, I am not really complaining. I have a lot to be thankful for and spending my days with Nora are nothing short of fulfilling and entertaining. It's nice having Nana Tweedle upstairs for some company too!

Nora's is still a great night sleeper and a not so great napper. I guess you always get one or the other. I have yet to meet anyone who has a baby that sleeps 12 hours at night AND takes 2-3 2 hour naps a day like all the sleep books tell you should be happening! Our bedtime routine starts at about 6:00 or whenever supper is over and the three of us play in Nora's room until about 6:20 and then we start the bath. She has a bath until about 6:30ish, jammies and then we go upstairs and say good night to Nana. At about 6:45 I feed her and then she is in bed shortly after 7. Sometimes she eats for more than 30 minutes at bedtime (her feeds are a lot shorter during the day now). I put her in bed after she eats and goes right to sleep and sleeps until about 7 am. Once in a while, she will be up around 5 am to eat, but not lately. Nora's day schedule changes all the time, depending on how long her naps are. I am still hoping for a day when I can predict times and lengths of naps!! 

If she is awake at 7, we play in bed while I drink my coffee and get up about 8 to have breakfast. I feed Nora while I eat too and we usually have some of the same things to eat- toast, banana, applesauce, eggs, sometimes pancakes or smoothies. Nora is ready for her first nap at about 9:00. On a good day, she sleeps until 10:30-11, but that only happens once in a while. Usually she is up again around 10. During her first nap, I get ready for the day and tidy up after breakfast and sometimes I'll have time to check my email and my list of daily blogs! 

She is then awake from 10-12, nap at 12-1/1:30 and then if I am lucky she will have a 3rd nap at about 3:30. She needs the 3rd nap, but doesn't always like to sleep then. Often she will just cry for about 20-30 mins when I try to put her down and my hopes of having another 45 min break are dashed! I have to then get supper ready and entertain her at the same time, which can be a bit of a circus act as she is tired and squirmy at this point, but we manage! I am so happy to see Mr. Tweeds get in the door at 5:15ish and relieve me! 

On Tuesdays and Fridays I have a little break as Mama Tweedle or Mama Tweedle in Law come over and watch Nora for an hour so I can go to a fitness class at the gym. I really look forward to these mornings as it is nice to have a little time out. I have also been on the quest lately to get rid of the last bit of baby weight I have hanging around! The "journey" (as they would say on the Biggest Loser) to getting back into shape after being pregnant has not been super easy, but I can say that it hasn't been incredibly difficult either. I am not sure exactly how much weight I gained while I was pregnant but I know it was more than 50 lbs!! Oops!! I remember the last few days before she was born, overdue, cranky and miserable and getting on the scale at the doctor's office to see the scale say 197 lbs!! I almost died. It was the cherry on top of the cake that day to send me right over the edge. I thought, omg- if I get to 200, I'm going to die!!!

I lost about 20 lbs by the end of the second week home with her. What a thrill it was getting on the scale those first few weeks to see SEVERAL pounds come off at once. But after about a month, even though I was exercising, things slowed down considerably and around christmas time, my weight loss had stopped all together at about 170 lbs. My ideal weight is around 140, so I still had quite a way to go. Since our trip to Palm Springs, I have made a conscious effort to eat smaller portions and not binge out on on sweets whenever I feel like it. I don't deny myself of a treat every now and then, but I also don't accept dessert and treats daily. I eat a healthy breakfast, lots of protein and don't really snack at all, unless it is fruit or veggies during the day. I drink lots of water. I eat a usual supper. Tom hates it when I try and make "diety" meals, so we just eat what we would normally eat for supper. I walk every day- usually quite a long walk and also do my work outs at the gym twice a week. I am happy to report that I am now 153 lbs- 13 to go to be at my target number! I will be so happy when I get below 150. 

I try not to stress about the weight loss that much. I only weigh myself once a week and then I try and put it out of my mind and think about making good health choices instead. There were a couple of days I came home from the gym practically in tears because some of the things I used to be able to do easily are still so hard. All I have to remember is that I am lucky to have a baby, my body went through a lot and I am doing all I can to stay sane and get back into shape and that it will happen and I will get there eventually. I'm OK with it. Just keep in mind that when people say "the weight will just melt off you if you are breastfeeding!" is for the lucky ones :) I hope you are one of those, but if you are not, take baby steps. 

Ok, I'm wrapping this up now. It's a novel this week! I hope you enjoy reading Miss Tweedle as much as I enjoy writing all of this. It is a great keepsake for Nora and I to look back on. I don't have hundreds of readers, but the ones I do have keep me coming back every week to write these updates!


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  1. I love your site. I don't often post but love popping in and seeing your latest "project" or the growth of that darling baby girl. Lynn Hawkes


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