How to Sew on a Shirt Button

February 07, 2014

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It is always frustrating when a piece of your clothing needs mending. If you are like me, you may put in on several times in hopes that it will be ok to wear it anyway and then just throw it back in the closet, or onto a "mending" pile. That pile may be attended to once a year! However, when it comes to mending, sewing on a new button to a shirt or cardigan has to be one of the easiest jobs. This little project took me under 5 minutes! 

As you can see there is a button missing on this shirt of Mr. Tweedle's.  
On most shirts and clothing that has buttons, there is an extra button attached in case one gets lost. Sometimes they come attached to the tag when you buy the clothing. In that case, you have to remember to save the button and put it somewhere where you know where it is!
If you are lucky and your button is attached to the shirt, simply use scissors or a seam ripper to detach the button so you can use it.  

With thread that matches the thread on the shirt, thread your needle. Any needle will do. When sewing buttons, you need to double your thread as buttons endure a lot of pulling and tugging in order to put them through the button holes. Now that you are using your spare, you don't want to lose it again! Thread your needle and tie the two ends together with a knot. 
Begin by poking the needle through the shirt from the back and bring the thread up through one of the holes on the button. Pull the thread all the way through and then poke it back down into the hole that is diagonally across. 
Go though those two holes a few times and then switch and go through the second two holes a few times so that the thread makes an X across the top of the button. 
When it feels secure and you have done about 4-5 stitches across each of the holes, tie off your thread at the back. 
All fixed up... now I need to consult the tutorial on how to iron a men's shirt....


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