Name Embroidery

February 24, 2014

Pinterest and Etsy are full of adorable baby nursery projects using your baby's name. It seems like the thing to do is cover your baby's nursery in objects that say his/her name. Although I am not a huge fan of this approach, I do like the odd display here and there, especially since I think my baby's name is so beautiful. It also makes a nice keepsake. I pictured Nora going off to university and hanging this in her dorm room (and then I started tearing up and decided she would have to stay home forever).

I am on a quest to "pink up" Nora's gender neutral nursery and I added the first touches of a few things I have in mind this weekend.

This wasn't very hard to do and if I may say so myself, the end product turned out much better than I expected. When I showed Mr. Tweedle, he said, forget toques- sell those!!! The first thing I did was cut out Nora's first name from pink felt. I just did this free hand (after many years of cutting letters for school bulletin boards, I can do this!) However, you could also print out a template from a font you like and trace and cut it that way too. 
Using the blanket stitch (there are many tutorials on youtube if you are not familiar with it), I appliqu├ęd the letters onto my existing hoop and fabric that was hanging in Nora's room. After the letters were sewn on, I used a plain old pencil and handwrote "June" (her middle name) underneath to use as a guide for the second part. You can see it very faintly in the above photo. If you make a mistake with pencil, it actually erases normally off fabric. 
I used the backstitch to trace Nora's middle name and then added a few hearts above as a little decoration. 

With another hoop, I added these bows just so there was more than just one pink thing with the group of minty fabrics. Ombre is so big these days, I had to add SOMETHING! ;) In order to do this, I cut out small rectangles of felt, pinched them in the middle and wrapped another thin strip of felt down the centre to hold the bow together and glued it with a glue gun. I used another dab of glue to attach it to the fabric in the hoop. 
Here is what the wall looked like before- no pink!
You can see it above newborn Nora and I here- still no pink!
And here it is now! (Sorry the lighting at the time of this photo was terrible in the room!)


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