Baby Tweedle- Week 30

March 05, 2014

Nora will be a whole 7 months tomorrow! I can hardly believe that she is the little newborn blob we brought home from the hospital. She used to lay on that rug and barely be able to look from side to side, let alone kick, scream, laugh, babble, sit up and wave! She is almost 10 inches longer than she was when she was born, measuring 28 inches now (she was 20 at birth). She is in the 97th percentile for length and about the 60th for weight, so she is a long baby. Maybe she will be tall like her Gran (Mr. Tweedle's mom!) 

It has finally warmed up here this week after snowing a bunch more on the weekend, so maybe I can see a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel that is winter. We have passed the time doing our usual activities like singing songs, jolly jumper, walks, visits with the grandparents and playing on our beloved rug. Nora started whispering to herself while she plays which is the funnies thing. The latest sounds she makes are ba ba and da da (no more ma ma!) and if she playing she is either yelling those sounds, or whispering them to herself- no happy medium! We went out for supper on Saturday night with Nora and she entertained the whole restaurant by banging her rib bone on the table and yelling her favourite sounds! 

As we drank coffee in bed on the weekend, Nora couldn't keep her hands off our mugs. We gave her one to play with and she was pleased as punch with herself, pretending to drink out of it, playing with it, etc. Monkey see, monkey do!

She continues to eat like a hungry hippo at every meal. She has tried almost everything we eat, as long as it isn't spicy, salty or containing sugar, we give it to her. It has caused us to be more conscious about what we add to our food too as if we season it too much, Nora can't have it, so it's good! Last night, we had spaghetti and meatballs and Nora ate half a giant meatball to herself, as well as her puree of peas, sweet potato and chicken! I cut the meatball in half and handed it to her and she chewed and swished it in her mouth until it was gone. It also seems to be mango season at the store- on sale a lot lately- and good thing, because Nora loves mango (who doesn't?) I wash the outside of the mango with soap and then cut off a slice and give it to her with the skin on. When she is finished with it, the skin will be completely cleaned off and no mango in sight! She will even use the 2 teeth she has to do some scraping. 

And yet another day making faces with my little giggler!
It seems like the last month flew by- wasn't she just 6 months?! I am not sure what she has done that is new in the last month. I guess she has mastered waving and seems more confident with what she can do with her hands. She still loves the mirror, baths and the jolly jumper. Still no rolling or any sign at all of crawling. We are working on putting her on her tummy more often to encourage her to crawl or roll, but nothing yet. Our world will change drastically when she can move on her own!

Everywhere we go, when we meet people on the street, they will say- "boy she sure looks like her dad!" which there is no denying that she does. However, we have been unable to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes them look alike. Nana Tweedle came across these pics of Mama Tweedle and I and we were all shocked at how much she and I look alike at the same age!

Eyes and hair and shape of the face are the same!
And, seriously, those glasses?!


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