Baby Tweedle- Week 32

March 19, 2014

Baby Tweedle seems to change by the minute. She has such a little personality now, it is so hard to believe only a few short months ago she couldn't grab toys or sit up. She makes a blowing noise with her mouth and then looks at us and laughs! She also makes a smacking sound and I tell myself she is learning to make kisses.

We are so happy to have the sun out this week. Yesterday I sat Nora on the deck and she laughed and smiled and looked all around. We are going to have many more things to occupy our days with the nicer weather.

We went to Calgary this week to shop for bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding in August. I survived a 3 hour drive, errands at the mall and Coscto alone with Nora! Woo! She was happy to get to Janine's apartment and PLAY by the time the day was over! Her hair in this picture cracks me up! It is getting so wispy and uneven in places, but I am happy it's finally starting to grow in!

Nora's sleeping has been a little off the last week or so. My little night sleeper has been waking up at least once a night to eat and I am not sure if she is actually hungry or just relying on me to fall back to sleep. Her naps are still short, although we have had some longer ones and every time she sleeps longer I count it as a small victory of the day! I have a bad habit of analyzing all her sleep habits, wondering if I have done something differently to make her wake at night or sleep longer for naps. I never knew it would be so hard to give up the need for routine and just go with the flow. Some days babies sleep and some days they don't. I think it is as simple as that!

What I would like to know is at what age they finally settle into a "routine" that I can count on? Age 2, 3?? Or do they ever?!

Just call me Donald Trump!

Loving the swing! I could sit there and watch her swing all day! 
We went to a baby St. Patrick's Day party on Monday and it was a hoot to see Nora with all these babies her age. There were about 10 babies ranging in age from 5-10 months. Most of the mothers were the ones we took our prenatal class with this time last year. Nora was quite entranced with trying to grab everyone's toys, clothes and hair!

Playing with her little friend Kinley! (the only other girl her age! The rest were boys!)

Hangin' in the baby photo booth with Carter

Here she is making her funny faces and trying to blow kisses at me!
Look at those baby blues!


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