Baby Tweedle- Week 33

March 26, 2014

We are closing in on month 8 here- soon Nora will be a full 8 months old! I remember when she was a newborn I thought that if I could just get to 6 months everything with her would be easier. I really think that was true. Not that Nora was ever a difficult baby, but having a newborn in general is difficult and you have so many questions and no right answers. You can probably tell by now that I am a Type A personality- right/wrong/rule follower/tellmehowandi'lldoit!!! Around 8 months is the supposed time that most babies start falling into a regular nap schedule (hallelujah!) of two naps a day around the same times each day. Almost every day this week we have had a long morning nap and a few longer afternoon ones too! I was so excited when Nora napped at 9 every morning in the last week because I THINK she just may be starting this "schedule" I have been dreaming of. We even had that elusive 9-10:30 and 1-3 nap day on Monday! Woooooooo!! I think only mothers of babies will know how exciting this is! To everyone else I probably sound like a control freak crazy person!

Playing on her Papa's saddle with Uncle Nick!

After a few off nights for sleep last week, we are back on track for the most part this week with a couple of sporadic wake ups here and there. I think Nora heard us talking though, because Mr. Tweeds and I made a plan that I won't feed her or go to her before 3 am (we just came up with that time off the top of our head!) and if she wakes before then, he will go in and pick her up, calm her down and lay her back down again. So far, he hasn't had to go in at all and I've only had a couple of 5am feeds. Lucky Tom!

We weighed Nora on Friday and I almost fell over when the scale said 19lbs and 10oz!!! She has gained over 2lbs in the last 6 weeks! At 6 months, she hadn't gained hardly anything since she was 5 months old which left me a little worried about her eating habits, but now, apparently things are humming along! She is in the 85th percentile for weight and the 99th for height!

I'm all grown out of my infant seat! 
There is still no sign of Nora wanting to crawl. For a brief few days she was pulling her knees up a bit  while she was on her tummy and she has stopped that now. It's actually quite funny, she will often just go face down on the carpet and rest there until someone picks her up and turns her back around to sitting as if she is saying "you people bore me with such childish games!" Even though I keep willing her to show an inkling of wanting to crawl just so I know she's hitting that "milestone" I know she is not even 8 months yet and many babies will skip the crawling stage all together. She may just do that, because she is a very confident stander already! She doesn't pull up to standing on her own, but she will stand strongly for quite a period of time if she is propped up against the coffee table or a stool.

Just give me the remote already and quit making me work for it!

We are at the point where Nora is beginning to grow out of many of the baby chew toys, but she is still too young for toys that you have to "do" something with, although she still puts everything in her mouth, anyway. She mostly plays with the recycling- yogurt containers, lids, boxes, etc. or utensils from the kitchen. She seems to like heavy things. She prides herself in being able to lift a can of soup or steal my ceramic coffee mug out of my hand! It's fun watching her concentrate on trying to lift something like that up! We have started to think of getting her a few new toys that she can grow into and looking at the "little people barn" or something like that- any suggestions are much appreciated!

Watch me try and lift this stone bear, guys!  


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