Favourite Etsy Finds Lately

March 21, 2014

Once a week or so I find myself spending way too much time browsing pretty things on Etsy. A lot of the time lately it is baby stuff and pretty little girl pink things, but I also have a list a mile long of shops I have favourited for future reference. I don't mean to "steal" ideas from other crafters trying to make a living, but I do find lots of my own crafting inspiration on what other people are selling.

Here is what I am pining after lately:

These balls are made entirely from recycled sweaters from thrift stores! How fun!
I first saw this on the blog Young House Love when they purchased it for one of their rooms. It is titled "Things that are awesome" and its a huge piece of doodle art. I think this is pretty awesome!
These tissue garlands are all the rage lately for rooms and parties and I have to agree that they are quite pretty. I feel like I could make one myself???
Nora just might have to be wearing shoes in the next few months which opens up a whole new world of accessorizing for her! Baby moccasins are everywhere I look on blogs, TV, etc right now and I found these ADORABLE ones handmade and for cheaper than some out there. Don't you love the bow?!
I don't know what I would do with it, but I have the urge to make one of these....
Call me crazy, but I keep seeing ideas for Nora's birthday already. I am so not trying to rush it, but I can't help thinking how cute she will look in a little party hat like this one!
These stuffed animals are so pretty, but maybe too pretty to be drooled on and mauled to death! If I had found them before Nora was born, the deer would have made an awesome addition to her nursery decor. 
LOVING this little toddler dress
I might have to make something like this with fabric scraps for Nora's first easter present. We all know the mini eggs will be reserved for yours truly!
This shop is so amazing! The shop owner collects and refashions vintage chenille quilts. She must have been collecting forever because the variety of different patterns she has is astonishing. I would love to so something like this- combine my love for vintage and quilting, but the work of collecting all the quilts would be a feat in itself! This pillow would be so adorable in a little girl's room one day... 


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