Hand Knit Baby Sweater Vests

March 28, 2014

It is safe to say that I never watch TV anymore. I have been spending all my nap times and evenings on projects and it is so exciting when I finish one. Each of these vests was knit in a couple of days as the yarn you use is quite thick and chunky. I found the pattern on a site called Ravelry which is a knitters mecca of projects and patterns, many of them free. While browsing aimlessly on there, I came across this pattern which led me to The Brown Stitch, a knitting blog.

I was looking for a project to do for a friend of mine who is moving away, and also has a baby the same age as Nora. Nora gave this vest to her friend Carter as a going away present. He is moving to the coast and I thought this vest would be perfect for those damp coastal walks! Carter's vest turned out so nicely that I promptly got started making one for Nora and didn't put down the knitting until I had 2 vests ready to be worn by cute babies!

You can find the pattern HERE. I knit the 12-18 month size and I think it may fit longer than that, too. It will be a great fall cover up and also good for an extra layer under the snowsuit next winter!

If you decide to make this vest, send pictures! 

If you are interested in my other knitting projects, you can see my toques here and here and the first sweater I knit for Nora here. And there's a free pattern (made by me!) for a baby ear warmer here


1 comment:

  1. We love Carter's vest! Such a perfect item.....it is definitely damp and rainy! Miss you guys already!xo


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