Vintage Knitting Patterns
and (the giveaway winners!)

March 14, 2014


Turns out, there will be 3 winners to this giveaway! As I was going through my craft stuff the other day, I realized I have 3 wooden embroidery hoops left in my collection right now. I was trying to decide what to do with the remaining 2 hoops and decided that I would pick 3 winners for the name embroidery instead of just one! 

There were 9 entries in the giveaway and I used the website "" to generate 3 numbers between 1-9. The winners were numbers 1, 3 and 7! 

Winners are: 

Amelia, Tweedlebud Lainey and Rhonda J! CONGRATS! Please email me (katie@misstweedle) with your requests for a name! I am so excited to make these for you three faithful readers!

If you didn't win, but were really hoping to, I might be able to help you out anyway ;) You know how I love a good project! 

Thanks again for commenting everyone, and keep 'em coming!


Nana Tweedle gave me a giant box full of her old knitting patterns and needlework magazines. I adore this kind of thing. It is so fun to see what the styles were as well as realizing that most of it is back in style again! Most of the magazines were from the 80's and 90's and some of it is pretty hilarious. However, there are a lot of timeless vintage patterns as well that I have tucked away for future projects of my own!

When I first looked at this, I thought- seriously?! But then after thinking about it, it's actually kind of cool... Animal prints are back in again. 
In the same section of this magainze were these two beauties. Sorry, but these will never be in style again! I especially like the eyes peeking from behind the flowers on the sweater on the right. Wow, that's bad!
The men's sweaters are the best! Many of them could easily win a prize at an ugly sweater party!

This was another one I was drawn to. I kind of like the hearts... but it's a bit overkill with the leg warmers AND the hat. 
My eyes lit up when I saw this one, of course! Even Nana Tweedle knew enough to put it in the "KEEP" pile. Diana!! There is a whole double page spread on Diana's closet- now that's an 80's fashion show if I've ever seen one! 
Nana knit this sweater for Mama Tweedle many years ago and she still wears it! 
In case you ever want to knit an entire bathroom collection... I have the pattern. 
The kids and baby stuff never goes out of style and I'm putting this outfit on my list for Nora. Adorable!
Here's another adorable one for kids!
I also put aside these two patterns for fair isle knitting- my fave! 
Lastly, I was drawn to this sweater for some reason. I like that it is long and cozy looking. I would knit it without the scarf/hood thing attached.

Stay tuned to see which patterns I end up using!


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  1. Tweedlebud Lainey14 March 2014 at 07:12

    Awesome! Last day of school before spring break and I won! Great start to the day! Thanks Miss Tweedle!


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