Baby Tweedle- 36 Weeks Old

April 16, 2014

At 8 months and one week old, Nora FINALLY rolled! She is so proud of herself and so are we. I thought she would never do it and then on Sunday, she was playing on the bed and suddenly she was on her tummy. She did it about 100 times after that just to be sure and now she's a rolling machine. I took the funniest video of her blowing raspberries and rolling across her bedroom floor in the nude which I promptly sent out to my entire contact list. She's a movin' and a groovin'!

When I went to  get her up from her nap, I saw little fingers poking up from the top of the crib for the first time! 
Flipping right over during a diaper change.... Things are getting interesting!
This week we also took a little trip to Whitefish, Montana which is a short drive across the border from here. It was a really nice little getaway. We had some nice meals in good restaurants, did some shopping and soaked up some spring sun. Nora was a pretty good little traveller. When I booked the hotel, I wanted to make sure there would be a separate room for Nora to sleep in and instead of booking a suite, I called the hotel and asked if the bathrooms would be big enough for a play pen. The woman at the front desk thought it was a bit of a strange question, but she assured me they likely would be and they were! Ha! We set Nora's bed up in the bathroom and she had her own room to sleep in and we could enjoy the TV, etc. after she went to bed. However, if we had to use the toilet in the night we had to tip toe around the crib! It was pretty funny. 

What's a holiday without wearing your bathing suit on the hotel room bed and playing with your new toys!?

Dining out in my Bluebird Bonnet!
She has also started shaking her head for "no". At leasts it seems she is doing it appropriately for "no". When she is finished eating or doesn't want what is being offered to her on the spoon, she will shake her head and she also does it when I take something away from her that she shouldn't be playing with. She is so smart!

When we got home from our trip, Nora was so excited to see all her toys that she spent a good 45 mins "sorting" them. She pulled everything out of her toy basket and looked at and chewed every toy and then placed them all around her to look at!

She has also started to clap! If she is really happy and worked up, she will try and clap her hands together or if someone does it to her, she will copy them. I have been working on this one and she is getting the hang of it now too! So much learning going on in that little head of hers. 

Our big purchase of the trip was a backpack carrier for Nora. We took it out on two little hikes over the weekend to test it and Nora LOVES it! She sits up there smiling and giggling and she loves it when the wind blows in her face. 

Perhaps the learning overdrive is what is causing her nights to be all screwed up still. It is really starting to BUG ME! I can't remember the last time she slept through the night and nothing I have tried seems to be working. I have powered through and fed her multiple times in the night, let her scream her head off for upwards of an hour and even sat in the room talking to her to try and coax her back to sleep instead of feeding her or rocking her. She STILL wakes several times. For the record, I wasn't able to outlast her crying the few times we have tried it. The little bugger is much better than I am at getting her way, I guess. I am going to keep at it, feeding her once and then assessing the situation and HOPE it finally goes away. Something tells me I may have a fight on my hands though which I am so not happy about. Where is my 12 hour a night sleeper?!

It is pretty hard to be upset about it when it is morning though. Nora is adorable. The end. 


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