Baby Tweedle- 37 Weeks Old

April 23, 2014

It was a busy week around here with my little mover. She has already mastered the rolling thing and can see something across the room and figure out how to roll to it in a few minutes. She gets more animated by the second, laughing, smiling, clapping, squealing, jumping, standing, waving and saying ma ma ma ma ma! She is a little social butterfly!

Headband!!! I distracted her with something and she forgot it was there! WIN! 

Easter Sunday was a busy day for the little miss as we had 3 events to go to! (And obviously had to have 3 outfit changes too!) In the morning we were at our big egg hunt which was, as predicted, nothing short of hilarious- 20+ toddlers running for eggs and hopped up on sugar! Nora even joined the party and carried around a plastic egg, shaking it and kicking her legs like mad when someone would run by her.

After the hunt, we went to a baby shower for one of Nora's new little girlfriends. She was the life of the party and didn't stop making noise and trying to talk above the crowd for the ENTIRE hour we were there!

And lastly, we had Easter dinner with our families at the in laws house and Nora had her first full turkey dinner. She ate a little of everything at the table- turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli and corn! She could not get enough food, stuffing herself like the rest of us!

First Easter, first hair bow- NBD. 

Unfortunately, she woke up on Monday morning with a little bit of a party hangover- a cold!! Poor thing has watery eyes and is all stuffed up. Of course, this doesn't make her nights any better! (Don't ask! They are not improving!)

I DIE over the cuteness of this bow!!!

However, she is in good spirits and still clapping those little hands, so I guess we will power through it like everything else.

Poor thing!
Mr. Tweedle and I spent a good part of the weekend organizing our garage for a garage sale we are having this Saturday. If you are in the Invermere area, come to our sale! I will also be selling my baby headbands- all sizes from newborn to toddler!


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