Baby Tweedle- 38 Weeks Old

April 30, 2014

This week I am bringing you 10 things I love about Nora right now this minute. Aside from EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN... there's these things too :)

1. The way she claps her hands with just her palms. Her fingers do not touch unless by fluke. She claps with excitement and my favourite is that she claps when I come and get her out of bed. 

2. She makes a kissing sound by smacking her lips. She is getting so smart that she will see my lips coming towards her little cheeks and start smacking before I do!

3. She loves light switches and when I carry her into the bathroom to look in the mirror she insists on spending time trying to turn the light on and off. I say "on"/"off" several times and she works on that light switch and is so proud of herself when she can turn it off. Every time she touches she looks up to check whether it worked or not. 

4. She also has the hang of the remote control. She knows that we point it at the TV when we use it, so on the odd time I let her play with one, she pushes the buttons and then looks at the TV!

5. She sings along when I sing and I DIE! We love singing Baby Beluga (I have the book that goes with it) before her naps. Whenever I start singing she makes a soft, high pitched sound throughout the whole thing as if she is singing along.

6. She has mastered the bum 360 and can now swivel easily around in circles on her bum and her tummy. 

7. When she nurses, she loves playing with my clothing and fiddles with her dainty little fingers on the neck of my shirt, my sleeves or my bra strap. 

8. She has a love/hate relationship with the washcloth! Like all kids, she turns away and scrunches her face when she sees it moving from the sink towards her!- HATE! But she LOVES to suck on it when she gets it her hand (ew!). In the tub, she will actually drink the water out of it if she gets her hands on it for long enough. I'd say it's one of her favourites! 

9. Her newest noise is the V sound and babbles away with va va va va va all the time. Her little teeth tucking under her lip to make that noise cracks me up!

10. She is still a big eater and I STILL get a kick out of watching her eat. We call her chomper because she makes things disappear with a chomp in 2 seconds. This week we are all about watermelon!

My child is a giant! Remember that little blob that took up one fraction of this rug?! Look at her now!!!
George!! Royal Tour! You better believe we were glued to the photos of our favourite royals! Nora especially liked George's overalls and little sandals with socks!- NOT! Who puts their baby boy in sandals with socks?! C'mon Kate.... 

I had to get some things done around the house, so I plunked her in front of the toy box and she kept herself busy for the longest time! I kept peeking in to see what she was doing and she was just sitting there playing away, talking and singing to herself. 
First Taco!
First horse ride! Mr. Tweeds and I left Nora at her grandparents for an hour so we could go to the dump (exciting stuff!) and we came back and saw this picture! Her Papa couldn't wait until I was out of sight to put her up there... I'm kinda sad I missed it. 
This is what Nora thinks of garage sales. Girlfriend has another thing coming if she is going to pretend she doesn't like thrifting!! Mama Tweedle had a little talk with her and said "Nora, this is what we do... find junk, store junk, fix junk up, sell junk, take junk to the dump, repeat."
As per my previous picture. She is still not convinced about this "junk" we speak of. Nora is looking at one of Mama Tweedle's antique store finds.... 

Saskatchewan Roughrider's fan in training for the day she can wear a real watermelon on her head!
Meeting baby Emily, Nora's 5th cousin!  

She still loves the mirror and likes to sit there while I get ready for the day. She is starting to become more curious about how the mirror works and instead of just screaming at the other baby in the mirror, she moves her hands slowly and watches the reflection. 

Short sleeves and bare feet! 
Loving that watermelon!


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