Baby Tweedle- Week 34

April 02, 2014

I am so glad to have my smiley girl back after a few days of a sad, puffy, and cranky girl. On Thursday evening Nora was acting fussy and just not like herself. I thought maybe she was teething because she didn't want to eat any food and was quite clingy. Just before she went to bed, she felt hot, so I took her temperature and it read 102.7! My immediate thought was that was way too high, so I called the BC nurses hotline and they advised me to "monitor" it, like they always say and if she wanted to sleep, just put her to sleep and see how the night goes. It wasn't a great night and in the morning the fever was still just as high. I took her in to emergency, but because there were no other symptoms indicating she had anything more serious, they sent us home and recommended advil and lots of breastmilk. 

Nora's eyes were all funny looking and sad and puffy while she was sick. I feared they would never go back to the sparkly little things they once were, but thank god, they are back!

The fever finally went away on Sunday afternoon after 3 sleepless nights both due to Nora waking up a TON and the fact I was worried about her. Of course, I googled her ailments obsessively and was sure she was going to have brain damage from a high fever, meningitis, and a whole slew of other horrible things. I think I did manage to diagnose her, actually, with something called Sixths Disease or Roseola- a virus which is characterized by a high fever, mild diarrhoea, puffy eyes, loss of appetite followed by a slight rash which only lasts for a day or so. Nora had all of these things! The good thing is that once they get, they won't get it again. Phew. 

The wind chimes at my parents house kept her occupied for a good 10 mins!
The aftermath of Nora waking every 1-2 hours on Saturday night. I was the most tired I have been in a long time!
Having a sick baby is a scary thing because they can't tell you what hurts or what is wrong. You sort feel out of control and panicky all the time, worrying that there is an underlying problem you aren't clueing into. Like the old cliche, I would have done anything to have the fever instead of Nora because I would have been able to manage it better than she did. The poor thing powered through it though, although there were no smiles for about 3 days and a super clingy mama's girl who just wanted to sleep (in my arms) and nurse and fuss. 

However, we got through it and now we have had the first cold, first stomach flu and first fever and I might feel better next time knowing a little more of what to expect will happen with each of these things. 

Aside from the sickies, we have been doing a few other more fun things, like walks, trips to the park, and visits with the grandparents and other friends. Nora's Auntie Melly and her boyfriend Tim were here this weekend, so she got to see them as well as her Great Uncle Ron. 

I do think she may also be getting more teeth, or still getting over her "disease" because she has still been a little more fussy than usual and doesn't want to eat much food which is unlike her. She will nurse forever but when real food is offered to her, she shuts her mouth and turns away. It's annoying me a little, because I know important it is for her to eat and drink, but I'm sure it will pass and as long as she is nursing, that is the main thing. 

The last day or so, Tom has been home as he is in between jobs for a couple of weeks and I feel bad as Nora is playing strange with him! Yesterday she cried whenever he held her and if I took her, she would actually squeal and giggle a little. It's frustrating for him, but girlfriend is on a routine and she knows that guy isn't supposed to be home on Tuesdays! Lol. I am sure she will come around in no time. But unfortunately for him, it may get worse as come April 15th, he goes back to Lake Louise to work during the week leaving us for a few days at a time. 

Mama's girl!
There is still no sign of crawling or rolling over here, but not as much practice time this week as she spent a lot of time in my arms or being carried around. She is less and less enthused by the toys we have and more and more interested in the remote controls, phones, iPad, and any other item that is out of her reach. 

I was just thinking a couple of days ago about how weird it is to think that there is a baby boy out there somewhere that might someday become Nora's husband and then this popped up- the latest photo of the prince! Coincidence? I think not!


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