April 25, 2014

If you have been reading for a while, you will remember that glorious, large ornate picture frame that I have been lovingly referring to as THE FRAME. The story behind that frame is that Nana Tweedle actually bought it at a roadside garage sale on a trip way back in the 80's and eventually gave it to my Auntie who stashed it away for a while. When I said I was on the lookout for one of these frames, she came to my rescue and gave it to me (which I wrote about in this post).

I had always planned to paint it a bright glossy colour. I was in an art gallery a couple of years ago and an artist had their work displayed in large ornate frames that were glossy black. I though they looked so funky and stylish. Anyway, I never knew what I was going to do with my frame, although I knew I wanted to paint it a bold colour.

One day while nursing and looking around Nora's room, the idea came to me that I should use the frame in there and paint it pink. We had been wondering what to do with the newborn photos we had done with Nora (come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever shared those with you??) I used our favourite photo of sleepy, tiny Nora on her birth announcements and I also put dozens of them in her digital baby book that I am working on. I decided to choose one to put in THE FRAME and after much deliberation, the tiny, sleepy Nora was still one of our favourites. I ordered a large version of it from Shutterfly and the quality turned out to be very good.

Anyway, after my vision was finally in place, I bought some pink spray paint and went to work on my frame. It was hard to cover it evenly due to the ornateness of it, but I think, in the end it turned out really nicely. We have had a lot of compliments on it and in keeping with the theme of pinking up Nora's room a little, it certainly adds another girly pop!


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