10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

May 23, 2014

Mr. Tweedle and I like to spoil each other for birthdays and Chirstmas but on the other holidays (Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Mother's Day etc.) we try to keep it low key. It can get expensive and overdone a little quickly! We still like to do a little something for each other on these holidays, however. Sometimes it is hard to know what to give someone, especially men! 

Here are some of my favourite ideas for Mr. Tweedle's first Father's Day coming up in a few weeks. All of these gifts are under $50 and things that I know he would really enjoy. 

Mr. Tweeds doesn't like to admit it, but he is a bit addicted to special lotions and shaving creams! I found this neat gift kit called The Ultimate Man Set on Etsy from the shop called Beardology. All their products are handmade and natural with no chemicals. 
Mr. Tweeds and I are both hopelessly addicted to our iPhones. We also take a bazillion pictures of Nora with our phones everyday. When we are trying to get her to look at the camera, I can tell she gets sick of the same old phone case staring her in the face. I thought this photo collage case from Shutterfly might spark her interest! I bought one of these for Mama Tweedle for Christmas and she loves it. It just may be in the cards for Mr. Tweedle too!
As well as addicted to phones and fancy men's skin care, Mr. Tweedle is a bit of a fashionista! He loves a good comfy plaid shirt, which are all the rage right now. The shop The Bearded Bee on Etsy sells authentic vintage, broken in plaids in tons of sizes and patterns. They also have "ugly" sweaters and vintage T-shirts if that is what you are into. 
As you know, we are in the process of re-doing our deck. It started with the patio furniture. Now we're repainting it and overhauling an outdated table and chairs we used to use. I bet Mr. Tweedle would LOVE to mount one of these babies out there somewhere (from Etsy, found here). We love to sit on the deck and BBQ in the summer with a cold corona. You could give the bottle opener with a 6 pack of Dad's favourite beers!
I saw this book (Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids) in a gift shop when I was in Nelson a few weeks ago and flipping through it, there were a lot of great ideas. Nora is a little young for many of these projects, but I'm putting it in the idea bank for a future year. Mr. Tweedle is pretty handy and likes to build and fix things. I could see him using a lot of the ideas in this book. Because men aren't as likely as women to use Pinterest, a book like this would be just perfect for ideas. 
Tweedlebud Holly gave her husband Ed a Candied Bacon Bouquet for Valentine's Day. What a fun alternative to flowers for Dads! She went down to our local deli and proposed the idea and they went for it! How fun!
What about a personalized USB stick? Mr. Tweedle is always transferring files and photos from one electronic device to another. He uses them for work a lot too. The shop Mini Fab on Etsy has lots of different options for personalized wooden gifts. 
I have always liked these acrylic block photos. You can have one made from Shutterfly. It would be perfect for Mr. Tweedle as he is working away right now. He has a small room in staff housing and can't really hang art on the walls. A picture of Nora in one of these for his night stand would be perfect! These are really durable too, so when he moves back and forth, he won't have to worry about breakables! It might be nice for his office too!  
If the Dad at your house is anything like Mr. Tweedle, he can't pass up some good ol' home baking. I can't wait until Nora can bake with me. This is a great idea for a child who might want to make something for their Dad. Mr. Tweedle LOVES these peanut butter marshmallow squares! They are super easy to make, too. 
Lastly, most men always appreciate a new stylin' tee shirt, especially one from Camp Brand Goods (a Canadian company!) I have been pining after the things in their store for a long time, but I have yet to finally buy something. All of their stuff looks so comfy and the rustic "camping" feel is perfect for camping season! 
Have fun hunting for gifts! There will be a lot of lucky Dads out there this year! 


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