April Thrifting Finds

May 05, 2014

Garage Sale season is here! Yay! It has a whole new meaning when I can look for kids stuff! We had our own garage sale last weekend and finally purged and got rid of so much stuff that has been collecting dust in our limited storage areas. It feels so good to have it all cleaned up and organized and ready to be filled with more crap I'm sure we will stow away for years.... ;)

I have been out to a few garage sales in the last few weeks and as well as the following items, I've picked up a few pairs of baby shoes for Nora and some more kids books. Those are always in abundance at garage sales and thrift stores. You can usually find best sellers and favourites in great shape for around 25 cents each. That is practically free! I also scored a few baby toys that I gave to the grandmas to keep at their houses.

I am a little picky about the germ factor when shopping for second hand things for Nora, however, most things can easily be washed and disinfected.

Without further adieu.....!

A puppet theatre! This was actually free. I found it at the dump! As you can see, it needs a little TLC. I am planning to paint it and replace the curtains. I may use it in my classroom at school until Nora is old enough to play with it. 
I found this with the puppet theatre at the dump! Can you believe this?! It is solid wood and there is not a thing wrong with it. It's a little dirty, but otherwise, there isn't even a scratch on it. It's weird to think about Nora sleeping in a big bed like this at some point! 
Play dough toys, all for $1. Nora isn't quite at the play dough stage yet, so these will likely end up in my classroom. It was too good of a deal to pass it up!
More ornate frames! Mr. Tweedle's parents are in the process of purging and cleaning as well and I scored these for free from their give-away pile. Slowing feeding my obsession, one frame at a time....

Toddler arm chair, $4. I have seen these chairs many times and I have never really liked them due to the fact that they usually come with fabric covered in fad tween characters like Bratz or super heroes. I had never thought to recover one of them. The woman selling this said she used denim and reupholstered it! I think I am going to take the denim off and use it as a pattern for a new cover in my choice of fabric! Stay tuned for that!

Have you had any good finds lately?


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