Baby Tweedle- 40 Weeks Old

May 14, 2014

Baby Tweedle has almost been on the outside for as long as she was in! However, our little miss stubborn decided to wait until 41 weeks to make her appearance, so we will be there next week.

This week Nora became mobile. Overnight, she decided she knew how to take steps which she is super proud of. Before, when we would hold her hands while she was standing, she would just shuffle and not move her feet at all. Suddenly this week something clicked and she takes giant steps, one foot after the other! It's too cute and she can't wipe the smile off her face when she is "walking".

She also learned how to bum scoot. While she is sitting, she bounces and pulls herself forward and easily slides across the floor towards something. She has also started to try and figure out how to pull up on something. She will scoot over to the shelf or coffee table and get her little hands up there and try with all her might to stand up, but hasn't been able to yet. It's only a matter of time! With all this moving, the little monkey has already reached up to the TV entertainment unit and pulled some of my good china display pieces off there while I was in the bathroom! Eek! Look out!

We had a really nice Mother's Day. I spent it with my sister Janine, Mama Tweedle and Nana Tweedle and of course, my daughter, Nora. We went out for brunch at a golf course and then spent the rest of the day visiting and talking about Janine's upcoming wedding. Nora took a nap at her grandparents house in the afternoon, so I didn't have to rush home and I could stay all day.

We started the dreaded night weaning this week too. And by night weaning, I mean cold turkey, no more night feeds. I reached my breaking point late last week and decided that Nora is a porker, she is healthy, she's well fed and she doesn't need to be in the habit of waking up for these night snacks. It came to the point where she was no longer falling right back to sleep after a feeding either, so no matter if she was fed or not, we were still listening to fussing and crying during the night. A few nights I resorted to bouncing and rocking her to sleep just so I could get back to bed. As I was standing there, bouncing her like I had done for her as a newborn, I realized that it was crazy and I just had to be done with it. Nights are for sleeping!!!

Loving steak! She is such a good little eater!
I am not going to sugar coat it. Think what you want about the cry it out method, but it was what we decided would be a quick and "easy" way of getting Nora to go back to sleeping through the night. We went full on. Neither of us went in, we just left her and didn't pick her up or feed her until morning. It has now been 5 nights and she has slept through the night 2 out of the 5.

I feel so much better about it all. I knew this was looming and that we would have to do it at some point and before I reached the breaking point, I just couldn't bring myself to actually do it. The morning after the first night I thought Nora would be mad at me and I was actually worried to see her reaction when I went to get her from her crib, but of course, she greeted me with a smile and that was that! I am hoping the sleeping continues to improve and that we are done with feeding at night forever!

Next on the list... how to wean completely?! :(((((


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  1. we have the same high chair!! we take it down to the pool and feed him down there almost every night. awesome that it's so portable!


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