Baby Tweedle- 41 Weeks Old

May 21, 2014

We conquered sleep training/night weaning! As of Thursday, we were still unsure if Nora was going to give in to sleeping all night. But she did! Woo! (knock on wood!!) She has now slept for 5 nights in a row from 7-7. I feel like a new woman and she is happier and napping better than she ever has. It makes me wonder why we didn't do it sooner. I am officially done with all night feeds. I sat in the chair in her room yesterday thinking, ahhh, I'll never be sitting here trying not to fall asleep in the dark again.... fingers crossed and double crossed that is the case, anyway!

Our little sunshine enjoyed the nice weather we had last week and we all enjoyed our freshly painted deck. I am working on a few outdoor projects and then I will show you the whole reveal. It looks so much bigger and brighter. It's nice to have another area to spend time with Nora in. Living the basement, restricted to two rooms for playing can be a little monotonous sometimes.

Nana Tweedle found an old book for Nora to play with and for some reason she is quite attached to it. It is called "30 Days to a Flat Stomach" written in about 1960. She opens it up and tries to "read" it and it looks so funny from the other side when you can read the title. Here is she is giving me a few tips. 
It was Mr. Tweedle's birthday this week and Nora gave him some new clothes for the summer. While I was wrapping his gifts, she was sitting beside me on the floor pulling all my ribbon out of the ribbon box. I was busy for just a minute and looked over and she had actually eaten and swallowed part of the receipt for one of his gifts! Oops! I frantically looked all over for the little pieces of it and scooped my finger in her mouth a hundred times and it was gone. I guess we won't be returning that gift!!

We have a busy few weeks and months ahead of us with a couple of summer trips planned, the opening of my Etsy shop (hopefully by next week!) and my sister Janine's wedding coming up. I am savouring the calm before the storm with my little sidekick! It is crazy to think that by the time the summer is over, she will be walking, finished nursing forever and perhaps starting to say a few words! Eek!


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  1. Look at all that hair!!!! And I see some teeth!!


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