Baby Tweedle- 42 Weeks Old

May 30, 2014

Phew! It has been a whirlwind week with my busy little lady. I cannot believe how much she has changed and how much more she is communicating just in the past week. We had my dad visiting last week, parties to plan and a shopping trip to the city and thrown in the mix is the little miss who can now scoot from one end of the room to the other before I can blink!

It was so nice to see my dad last week and have him spend some time with Nora. She was a little unsure of him at first and made strange for a day or so but by the end they were besties and he was getting those giant grins every 5 minutes like the rest of us. She is funny when she makes strange, it's a full on scream cry for about a minute and she buries her face in my shoulder and whenever she catches a glimpse of the scary new person she will cry and whimper. What a drama queen! She also does this funny thing when I leave her with someone. She doesn't bat an eye when I leave, only when I come back! She sees me walk in the door and I get greeted with a pout and a cry, as if she is saying- "oh yeah! I just realized you were gone and now I'm mad at you!!" 

We spent a lot of time out on the deck last week in the hot summer sun and now this week we have the heat on again. Canadian springs are nothing to write home about! They are so unpredictable! However, we can be thankful for the sun we have had so far and on rainy days it's kind of nice to have inside days too, as long as you don't have anything planned. 

Nora has come leaps and bounds with all her tricks and things she can do this last week. It just amazes me every time I see her. She is now handing me things as if to show me what she wants (hand me a book for reading, passes me toys, food, etc.) She waves without prompting- I just say "let's go" or "time to go" or I'll say goodbye or hello to someone and I look over and she is waving without imitating anyone. She claps when she is excited all the time, even when I am getting her food ready! The most adorable of all is that she knows the word "kisses" and I say "can you give kisses?" and without being shown what to do, she starts smacking her lips. It's just too cute. She sucks her bottom lip in and makes a fish face at the same time and then pops her lips open and smiles. I just love it! 

She is also now saying "mama" appropriately and when I am in another room, she will say ma ma ma ma until I come and then she smiles and giggles. She scoots over to me and says mama mama until I pick her up. She knows who a lot of familiar faces are too. I'll say "where's Nana" and she looks and points up as she knows she is upstairs. And I say "where's dada?" and she looks all around the room or if we are walking around she cranes her neck like crazy until we are in the same room as he is. She also knows "Gammy" (Mama Tweedle). If she is in the room, I say "where's Gammy?", she looks right at her. What a smarty pants!!

Now that she is bum scooting, she is in to EVERYTHING! She makes a bee line for the door, the outlets, lamp cords, magazines, books on the shelf, kitchen drawers, bins in the closet, laundry baskets, you name it! Although she is keeping me on my toes, it has opened up a whole new world of things for her to discover and she is so happy about it. When I'm standing in the kitchen, I'll look down and see the little monkey tugging on my pant leg. The other day I was wearing a long dress and she had a great time sitting down there flinging it around, pulling it over her head and lifting the fabric and throwing it from side to side! 

I don't think she is going to crawl now that she can bum scoot which is fine I guess. She is trying to pull up on everything and tries with all her might and gets her bum about 2 inches off the ground and then to drops in frustration! It is only a matter of time until she figures it out. Another one of her favourite (back breaking!) activities is to walk around holding onto someone's hands. She could do that all day!

She is now only eating what we are eating. We haven't been doing any purees for about 2 weeks now. I ran out of my last batch and just decided not to make any more. It still amazes me how much food she can put away. Last night for supper she ate a whole hard boiled egg, 1/2 piece of toast, 1/4 black beans (she is great at picking up even the smallest pieces of food!), 1/2 mango and about 8 raspberries. She would have eaten more if I had put more in front of her! She just doesn't stop! We have yet to come across anything she doesn't gobble up. I hope it stays that way. 

It is so interesting to watch her play with things and figure things out. The other day she was eating cheerios and one got stuck on the back of her hand while it was on its way to her mouth. She turned her hand several times back and forth until she realized how to get the cheerio into her mouth. She does the same thing books and toys. She loves "reading" books and she pulls all the books off the shelf one by one and looks and each one and opens it, turns the pages, talks to herself and then puts it aside. With toys, she turns them all around in her hands and looks at every angle, shaking them, rolling them, squeezing them until she figures out what they do. She was playing with Tom's hat and kept trying to hold it above her head- she knew what it was for!

Every day that goes by I am more proud of and in love my little family. Having Nora around makes life so much sweeter. We love her so much!


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