Long Weekend Garage Sale Finds

May 19, 2014

I am so happy with all my find this week! I got all this stuff for under $20. Although it was raining here, I had a great time garage saling with a couple of my girlfriends.

A real rotary dial phone- This is the score of all!! I have been looking everywhere for one of these phones! They are super vintage and funky and add a fun design element to a shelving unit. Until I have a spot for it, Nora will enjoy playing with it. I got it for $1 and they sell in antique stores for up to $50!
A pile of vintage thank you cards- all for $2. My friend Tara and I were just remarking on our obsession with pretty note cards. We said we had so many that we wouldn't possibly ever use them all up. And then I bought another whole pile of them. I couldn't resist! These were so cute.  

Little girls clothes- of course, another obsession of mine. I don't know why anyone buys all new clothing for their kids. Garage sales and thrift stores are a gold mine for this stuff. Practically new and gently used brand name clothing for under $2 a piece!

Fisher Price Little People school bus- same goes for toys as for clothes! This well known brand name toy with the little people was only $3! 
Did you do any thrifting on the long weekend?



  1. i did too our community was having their annual community wide garage sale. I bot a vintage gas can with a wooden handle - it'll be a great decorating piece. hubster got a some sort of table top stand for a tool of his that he's been wanting. we got both those for $5 TOGATHER! I also found a vintage crocheted lap blanket that has the most vibrant colors for $5.


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