Mother's Day Idea (save this one for next year!)

May 12, 2014

All day yesterday my Facebook and Instagram feeds were filled with mother's day photos and I had a lot of fun looking at them. Of course, I jumped the bandwagon and shared a beautiful photo of Nora and I with Mama and Nana Tweedle.

However, one of them popped out as above and beyond all the others! My friend Christa comes from a family of 8 kids and she always speaks fondly about her childhood and how things were with so many siblings! Now that she is a mom too she is always remarking about how she doesn't know how her mom did it. Most of Christa's siblings are married with kids now and their clan is multiplying rapidly!

I thought this was such a cute mother's day idea and so neat for them all to come together and post this for their mother. If you have a big family, put this one in the memory bank until next year!

Pictured are all 8 siblings and 8 grandchildren in order from oldest to youngest.
Happy Belated Mother's Day!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing Miss Tweedle! It was such a small gesture for such an amazing woman.


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