Recovering Patio Furniture

May 02, 2014

When I first had the idea to recover our patio chairs, I figured it would be a huge job that would take me hours and cause endless frustration. However, after a few brief google and pinterest searches I found the easiest tutorial EVER and the whole job ended up taking me only about 1.5 hrs. If you can sew in a straight line, you can recover your patio furniture!

Check out the tutorial I used HERE.

I am SO happy with how these turned out. They completely brighten up our deck and make it look nice and updated and modern.

Here is the before. EW, they were so bad. These were never nice chairs to begin with, but they are really wide and comfortable and they were a good deal at the end of the season a few years ago at Canadian Tire. 
The old fabric was scratchy and disintegrating! I ended up ripping it completely off and only kept the foam inside. 
What a contrast! In order to recover 4 seat cushions and 2 foot stool cushions, I used 4.5 meters of fabric. I bought this stuff at Joann's Fabrics in Kalispell when we were there a few weeks ago. It was on sale for 40% off, and I had a coupon for 15% on top of that! All the fabric came to about $35. I used outdoor fabric which is UV protected and water resistant. Hopefully these babies don't fade like the other ones!


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  1. They look great! Love the fabric!


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