Vitamin Packed Noodle Casserole

May 26, 2014

Judging from the cheese and bacon on the top of this casserole you would think I was out to lunch when I said it was vitamin packed! 

Last weekend I was watching one of my fave chefs on Food Network, Michael Smith and he made this casserole. It looked so good that I loaded up Nora and we went straight out to the store for the ingredients. We were so glad we did! All three of us devoured this casserole and it made enough to freeze half of it for a second dinner sometime. Nora especially liked it! I just cut up the penne noodles in her bowl into bite sized pieces and she went to town!

There is no meat in it, other than the bacon on top for a little flavour. It is made with a basic tomato sauce with a TON (the biggest bag you can buy!) of baby spinach and a whole sweet potato grated into it. Both of those veggies are high in vitamin C, so that is why I am calling this "vitamin packed"! 

The combo of the bacon, spinach, sweetness from the potato and yummy tomato taste, with cheese oozing on top was amazing!

I hope you enjoy it!

Find the recipe HERE


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