Baby Tweedle- 43 Weeks Old

June 04, 2014

It seems silly to still be counting Nora's age in weeks! But I can't stop now... only 9 more to go and we will be at 52! That is insane! I can see her becoming more independent and showing off her personality more every day. She has so many expressions that are so much fun to read. She has several smiles- mischievous, shy, excited, proud, content, etc. She communicates with us constantly now and she has the baby sign for "all done" now. Whenever she is finished nursing or eating, she shoots her hands above her head. She even did it when she was on the swing yesterday to say she was "all done" swinging! I was so amazed she remembered and actually knew what it meant!

She is my little shadow, always imitating what I am doing and following me around wherever I go. It just kills me sometimes when I look over at her imitating me. She rubs her hands together when I put hand lotion on. Pats her head when I brush my hair and touches her lips when I put on lip gloss. Something tells me she is going to be a girly girl in no time! She is getting so good at trying to say some words too. She repeats after us when we say Da Da or Nana. She also always says Mmmmmmm when she is eating. 

Waiting for the mall to open in Calgary last week... 
Of course, I packed her all kinds of healthy snacks and lunches for our trip and then FORGOT them! DUH! We had to settle for Subway in the food court. It was the only place I could think of that would have something remotely OK for Nora to eat. Here she is having her mini sub- just bread and veggies! 
Chatting away to herself all the way home! 
She is scooting around the house like mad now too. I was on the phone in the living room watching her and as I was talking, she went from one end of the apartment to the other twice, circled the living room twice, tried to open the basement door several times and then settled on playing with her toys. The outsides of her ankles get all dirty and roughed up from the way she drags them across the floor, but oh well! It doesn't seem to bother her!

She hasn't realized what happens when she gets to the edge of the deck. You have to watch her like a hawk. She will just scoot right off the edge!

Just taking a glance at her favourite celebs!
Nora is still trying desperately to pull up on furniture. She tries all the time, but doesn't have the balance or the idea of where she needs to move her feet for it to work. Soon, I'm sure!

Helping with the laundry! I propped her up there and she was as happy as can be the whole time I was folding!

My little fashionista is quite the trend setter with her baby hair clips! I'm lucky if I can get one in her hair and distract her from pulling it out, she will keep it in for quite a while. I can't get enough of her with them in. She looks so much more like a toddler than a baby! 


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  1. I love that you were waiting for the mall to open! We have done that too! Obviously the hours are not set by a mother of young children! haha


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