Baby Tweedle- 44 Weeks Old

June 11, 2014

Nora turned 10 months! 

Look at all the things she does at 10 months! In no particular order...

- turns the lights on and off and understands "off" means to flick it downwards
- understands lots of basic commands like "let's go" "say bye bye" "wave" "kisses" "cuddles" "where's xxx?" "sit down" "walk" "up" etc. 
- tries to imitate reading books by pointing to pages and babbling
- babbles ALL the time and makes lots of different sounds. Lately she uses "dis" and it always sounds like she is saying "this"
- says mama and dada
- eats a TON! her typical supper meal is 1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 potato, fresh veggies and fruit
- walks holding onto someone's hands
- makes a fake cry in order to protest or try to get what she wants
- blows kisses and smacks her lips to make air kisses at people
- bobs to music
- copies everything I do- rubs hands for putting on lotion, combs her hair when I do, rubs her stomach or pulls on clothes if I put on a sweater, etc. 
- plays patty cake and knows what "patty cake" means. She starts clapping as soon as I say it
- knows the baby sign for "all done" and reaches her arms up to be picked up
- gives 5 when you hold your hand up in front of her
- plays hide and seek on my shoulder- I say "where's Nora?!" and she puts her head down and hides and then pops up and smiles over and over
- loves peekaboo
- beginning to point to objects and pictures. She will point to the swing, a picture of a puppy, upstairs, downstairs, toy bus, etc. 
- sleeps through the night!
- nurses 3x a day 
- scoots anywhere she needs to go on her bum
- gets into everything!- opens cupboards, drawers, closet doors, loves shoes and anything that is heavy for her to pick up. 

Nora continues to be the light of our lives and she amazes us every day at how clever, adorable and funny she is! So many changes happened in month 10, CRAZY!


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