Baby Tweedle- 45 Weeks Old

June 20, 2014

We are back from the farm and feeling somewhat back on schedule, CLEAN and organized. Of all the trips I have done with Nora thus far, I had to let go of the most things on this trip. It was hard, but once I did I really enjoyed myself a lot more. We had a 10 hour drive to get there and home and Nora was amazing! She didn't cry or fuss ONCE the whole time. She just sat in her seat and I played with her, tickled her toes, read to her, sang to her and handed her toys to play with. She napped right on schedule and both ways we only stopped 3 times to stretch and let Nora have snacks and lunch. It went way better than I expected. 

We spent 8 days on the family farm just outside of North Battleford, Sask. I used to spend a lot of time on the farm when I was a kid as my grandparents used to take me there for about a month or so every summer while my mom was working. Mama Tweedle still sleeps in her childhood bedroom when we visit and seeing the house, it is hard to believe that is the house she grew up in. They didn't have running water until she was nine! My aunt and uncle have built a new house in the farmyard where they live, but Nana stays in her old house when she goes back. 

Stay tuned for a post on all the amazing vintage things I found in the old house!

Because it is heated by a wood stove, the entire place and all its contents smell like campfire and there is a thin layer of ash floating through the air at all times! When we arrived I was scared to put Nora on the floor to play, but I washed it several times throughout out visit and "let go" of whatever I couldn't control. 

I just love this picture. It captures the farm life perfectly- clouds looming, machinery idling, dog wandering, and 3 bins lined up. 

My cousin Noel and his two girls. 
It was Nana Tweedle's 90th birthday while we were there and we celebrated with a tea in the afternoon, with all the family invited out to the farm for a BBQ in the evening. There were about 80 people at the tea and 50 at the farm. Of course, everyone just loved Nora!

Tractor Selfie!

Endless goodies to look through. This was a box of my grandpa's old stuff we found in the attic. We also found Mama Tweedle's baby clothes!
I had a nice visit with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins who all live in Saskatoon and came out to the farm for the weekend. We did all sorts of farm stuff, like tractor rides, crop tours, cuddling brand new baby kittens, looking at old stuff, etc. I'm sure there will be many more visits out there as Nora gets older and I hope she feels the same sense of nostalgia whenever she goes out there that I do. Aside from the dirt, mosquitoes and mice, it's just the best! 

I was super sad that Tom had to work and couldn't join us. We were so happy to get back home and squeeze him!


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