Baby Tweedle- 46 Weeks Old

June 25, 2014

We survived week 46! The week of all weeks. The week I have been dreading for months! The week that I left Nora for 2 WHOLE NIGHTS! 

My sister Janine is getting married this summer and I planned a bachellorette party for her this past weekend at our friend's cabin on a lake near here. I booked the event way back in January and as soon as I made the plans I was instantly dreading it. I knew it would be a lot of fun. Going to a cabin with all our friends is something we used to do a lot before I had Nora and I have been seriously missing some girl time with my besties, but the thought of having to be away from Nora was really stressful. I knew she would be OK with Mr. Tweeds, but I am still nursing and she had never gone to bed at night without me there. I'm sure all mothers can relate to the anxiety I was feeling!

I kept thinking of ways I would try and get out of going to this party, but I just couldn't really justify any of them, and I did know deep down Nora would be fine and even if she didn't take bottles, she wouldn't starve for just 2 days without me. Tom was looking forward to the bonding time with her too. I pumped milk for 3 weeks straight and had the fridge fully stocked and we practiced having Tom give her a bottle at night before I left. After we did that I felt a lot better, because she didn't skip a beat! She grabbed the bottle (he didn't even have to hold it), downed it, pushed it aside, and went into her crib and fell asleep! 

While I was gone, she did cry a little more than when she went to sleep at night, but nothing major and she was perfectly good all weekend. Tom did say that she kept swivelling her head around when she would go into a room as if she was looking for me and by Sunday morning she was a bit cranky. He thought she was saying- Ok guys, joke's over, where's my mama? :) 

I missed her, but I also had such a great time with 15 girlfriends! We had awesome weather and we boated, danced, gabbed, drank plenty of cocktails and acted downright silly laughing our heads off into the wee hours of the morning both nights! I felt like my old self again and it was definitely good for me to know that Nora is fine without me. 

Anyway, we all survived and I can't get enough Nora cuddles the last few days! On Monday after the weekend Mama Tweedle and I took Nora to Calgary to go see Michael Buble- my secret boyfriend! The concert was really good and Nora stayed with Auntie Janine and her soon to be Uncle Pud. I put her to bed at their place before we went to the concert. We are home again now for a few days before heading away on a trip to the coast this weekend for a couple of weeks! Nora's a travellin' baby and she's really good at it too! Being so frantic and busy isn't my style, but I'm not complaining!

Ah! Are these Michael Buble tickets?!!!


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