"Leftovers" Stir Fry

June 27, 2014

Once a week or so, I like to make something that uses up all the miscellaneous things in my fridge. When there are just the three of us and a lot of the time, just Nora and I, it's easy for the veggies to go to waste before they can get eaten. By making a big dish that includes tons of veggies, I can ensure that all my odds and ends get eaten and not thrown out! 

Sometimes I'll make a veggie pasta salad or some kind of pasta casserole, but lately, my go to "leftover" meal is this quinoa and veggie stir fry. It's awesome because it's super quick to make and you can literally throw in ANYTHING. It's super tasty too, both warm and cold and Nora likes it! It's packed with nutrition as there is minimal sauce needed, just veg and quinoa (and leftover meat if you want). No sugar either!

All I do is pull every vegetable out of my fridge and assess the situation. In the meantime, I cook a big batch of quinoa or rice. I use a big frying pan or skillet and start trimming, chopping and sautéing.  Start with the veggies that are going to take longer to soften like carrots, broccoli, onion and then add as you go. 

This week's meal included 4 garlic cloves, onion, carrots, broccoli, leftover butternut squash that was already roasted, leftover roasted sweet potato, orange pepper, frozen edamame beans, chopped kale and a leftover BBQ'd pork chop, diced. 

All I did was throw them all in the pan, stir and fry for about 10-15 mins and when the quinoa was ready, dumped that in too. I don't have any measurements for you because it is so dependent on what you have in your fridge. After it was done cooking, I added a tablespoon of coconut oil to give it some flavour and a couple splashes of soy sauce. We like to drizzle it with siracha when we eat it too!

Voila! I used up all of our "on the verge" veggies and we had a giant batch of yumminess to eat for supper and for a couple of lunches the following days! Enjoy!


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  1. Stir fry's are my go to 'leftovers' meal as well, however I never thought to put in sweet potato!


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